Ofcom research has revealed that many UK smartphone users have no desire to upgrade to 4G. Unsure of the benefits and put off by endless technical jargon, 22% strongly disagreed that they would sign up in the future while two thirds said thay were unlikely to upgrade in the coming year.

Research director Jessica Ekholm of technology house Gartner stated that “4G is new and doesn’t mean much to consumers, any technology is intangible – people ask what does it mean to me?…It needs peoples friends and family to say 4G is fantastic.”

Mobile operators have not done a good job of explaining how 4G can help in peoples lives relying instead on technical terms such as LTE and megabits per second to explain benefits said Ekholm.

“At the moment it’s acronym soup.”

People have also been put off by the higher charges, numbers of consumers will increase when 4G drops to 3G prices.