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Operating throughout Croydon, Aerial Services – Croydon have several years of experience in providing professional TV aerial installation services across Croydon and the surrounding areas.

Are you looking for aerial installation services in Croydon? Our expert staff for courteous and helpful guidance now if you have TV aerial satellite installation questions about a Sky, Freesat, Sky HD, Freeview, or multi-room system. TV aerials, Freeview, digital aerials, and more are all available. Every time, our installers carry a comprehensive selection of interior and outdoor aerials. Their repairs and upgrades are completed quickly and efficiently.

We are specialists in TV aerials, aerial installation and Freeview installation and can offer you a highly competitive price for all your TV aerial requirements. All of our work is guaranteed and we can offer you a free callout and quotation service.

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About Aerial Services

Frank Garvin founded Aerial Services in 1968. Our engineers are all professional and well-trained, with CSCS Health & Safety cards and business ID badges to prove it. We operate in various settings, ranging from large common office and hotel systems to private residences.

We attempt to provide a personal or professional service by being accessible to answer inquiries by phone or email at any time, and we always strive to produce excellent work at a reasonable price. If you believe you may require our services, please get in touch with us.

Services we provide in Croydon.

TV Aerials

Since 1968, Aerial Services has focused on the installation of television aerials. Get in touch with Aerial Services right now for skilled work done by a fully qualified expert in TV Aerials.


Suppose you’ve recently purchased a Freeview device or are experiencing reception issues. We can install your Freeview compliant digital aerial across Croydon and the surrounding areas.


Sky offers the most diverse television viewing options in the UK and more HD programming than any European service provider. As a Sky agent, Aerial Services is in a unique position to offer Sky’s goods to your house right now.


The BBC and ITV established Freesat in 2008, and it now offers over a hundred free digital channels through the satellite dish.

Foreign Satellites

On a variety of satellites, a large number of international channels are available. You can receive hundreds of free channels using an 80cm dish and a satellite receiver.

Extra TV Points

We can install as many more TV outlets as you need throughout your home. We can place a TV in the rear room, loft conversion, kitchen, or even the bathroom if that is something you have considered.

TV Installation

Aerial Services will source and install a new flat 1080p HD screen in your house so you can get the most out of your television.

TV Aerial Installations & Repairs in Croydon

If you need a television aerial installed or repaired in Croydon, our aerial specialists are available six days a week to install or repair a digital television aerial. We trust in common decency and will do all possible to guarantee that our aerial installer arrives at the agreed-upon hour. With aerial installation Croydon, we also try to provide same-day service whenever feasible.

Do you need a new TV Aerial Installation in Croydon?
A new digital television aerial will offer multi-room viewing of various television channels and High Definition through a built-in Freesat satellite set-top box.

Freeview is included, which provides a variety of extra TV channels with no further costs or subscriptions.

Our installation business has a large inventory of digital aerial technology. So, if you’re in Croydon and have a weak signal, our experienced aerial and satellite installers can still help you – and in most situations, on the same day.

Can I watch TV without an aerial in the UK?
You might be able to watch TV shows and stations without the need for an antenna, but you’ll need a Chrome Cast or Amazon Fire Stick connected to the digital TV and a strong internet connection to do it. A bad internet connection or living in an area prone to Wi-Fi disruptions might cause your streaming to be choppy or even stop working entirely. Therefore we advise using a digital aerial or satellite dish for a much more reliable signal at all times.
Do TV aerials still work in the UK?
Even old television aerials can receive digital and analogue television signals, and others will have features that make them effective at getting a Freeview signal. Contact us for free, unbiased advice on whether your old aerial could deliver a sufficient Freeview signal without needing a Freesat satellite.

Anybody who has invested in a home entertainment theatre system requires good TV reception. It would be pointless to buy all of the equipment and then not use any of it. TV aerials are still crucial for receiving good coverage with your satellite or regular TV channels, but do we need them all of the time?

If we want to receive the finest, continuous signals, we’ll need digital aerials. One with a wideband receiver capable of blocking signals that conflict or interfere with broadcasting is required. Because analogue aerials cannot stop these signals, you may likely encounter stuttering or pauses throughout your shows. Only an antenna, usually put outside your home to receive terrestrial broadcasts, may operate with satellite or cable TV.

What Aerial do I need for Freeview?
To get Freeview, you must have a working aerial pointed in the proper direction towards a transmitter. Although interior, that is to say, loft and portable aerials, can pick up Freeview, we suggest a roof aerial for the most outstanding performance.

Why is my digital aerial not working?

TV Aerial not working, no signal.
There are many reasons why your television isn’t obtaining aerial coverage, and one of the most common is.

  • An aerial wire that is damaged
  • Damaged tv aerial
  • Aerial sockets/points that are damaged or not functional
  • Aerials that are poorly positioned
  • Unfavourable weather

Suppose you see the unpleasant “No Signal” warning on your TV. To begin, make sure your TV is configured to the proper source input. People frequently change their source to their Blu-ray player or video gaming console and then forget to change back before switching off the television. If this doesn’t work and you’ve exhausted all other options, the problem is likely with your aerial or antenna.

The aerial cable may have become disconnected.
An antenna cable that has gotten loose or detached from your television is not unusual. Examine the rear of your television to ensure that your antenna wire is attached correctly. We recommend that you connect all required cords to your television or set-top box.
It's possible that your television needs to be re-tuned.
When individuals move into a new residence and lose signal, this is a common occurrence. Often, you’ll have to retune your TV to the transmitter with which your antenna is aligned. The frequencies of transmitters differ by area, and your TV must be tuned to those frequencies to get an aerial signal.
Have you relocated your aerial from the roof to the loft?
When people relocate their antenna from their roof to their attic, they frequently suffer signal problems. This is because aerials have a more challenging time receiving the reception they require via roof tiles.
Is your aerial pointing in the incorrect direction or improperly positioned?
Go outdoors and double-check that your aerial is pointing in the same direction as the aerials on your street.
A faulty TV aerial might be the source of the problem.
If your TV aerial signal has gone out, it might be due to a damaged or broken antenna. Aerials might become defective over time, weather problems or because of incorrect installation in the first place. If your television aerial was installed more than ten years ago, it’s usually worth replacing it with a new one. This is due to differences in the way we receive television signals.

What is the best digital aerial to buy?

The first and most crucial thing to know about determining which digital aerial gives the most excellent TV reception for your scenario is your location since the distance from the nearest transmitter will decide the type of aerial you require. There are three types of aerials available: indoor, outdoor, and loft aerials. What is the best way to choose?

Indoor aerials

If you are about 15 miles to your nearest transmitter, we advise using an inside aerial for the best reception. This style of aerial is much easier to install because it does not require tv wall mounting. Always examine the specs of each indoor aerial to see how far it can reach because there are aerials with ranges of 3 miles, 9 miles, and 15 miles. Due to new technology and features, indoor digital aerials provide the most incredible reception possible, even in regions with poor signals.

Outdoor aerials

If prominent, you stay within 15 to 30 miles of the nearest transmitter for prominent coverage; you must utilize an outside aerial. The most popular outside aerials are Yagi aerials, which are easily identified owing to their classic shape. One For All also provides easier to attach and more modern appearing outdoor aerials. Always verify individual product specs since ranges might range from 15 to 30 miles.

Loft aerials

Loft aerials are becoming more popular, especially in newly constructed homes, because most people don’t want their aerial to clutter up their new, contemporary home. Although installing an aerial in the loft appears to be a reasonable choice because it does not conflict with your interior design, it is critical to verify that the aerial is positioned correctly and at the proper height. Please keep in mind that loft aerials are not advised for metal roofs.

Are indoor aerials any good?

Because of its unique technology and features, indoor digital aerials offer the most excellent possible reception, especially in regions with poor signals. If the nearest transmitter is about 5 miles from the place you live, then an indoor aerial is the ideal option as it offers good reception.