Operating throughout Harlesden, Aerial Services – Harlesden have several years of experience in providing professional TV aerial installation services across Harlesden and the surrounding areas.

Aerial Services provides installation and maintenance services to businesses and individuals in Harlesden and the surrounding areas. If you want a professional aerial installation in Harlesden or suspect that your aerial is malfunctioning, contact Aerial Services as soon as possible.
Our skilled personnel can handle aerial installation as well as specialty TV services such as Sky, Freesat, Sky HD, Freeview, and multi-room TV setups. For you to watch your favourite channels, we can also propose the best TV aerials and digital aerials. Our installation staff can handle new and existing interior and outdoor aerial installations, as well as troubleshoot any issues you might have with your present aerial.
We can advise you on the optimal location and goods for your requirements as a professional TV aerial installation business. If you’re having trouble with your television reception or want to check into a new television package, Aerial Services in Harlesden can help. To schedule a free consultation and quote, please contact us.

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About Aerial Services in Harlesden

Frank Gavin created Aerial Services in 1968. From humble beginnings, the company has developed to provide a complete TV aerial installation service in the London area. Our engineers are polite and professional, and they always have their ID badges and CSCS Health and Safety cards with them.

We can advise you on the best location and products for your unique needs as a professional TV aerial installation company. Aerial Services in Harlesden can help if you’re experiencing difficulty with your TV reception or want to check into a new TV package. Please get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

Services we provide in Harlesden

TV Aerials

Since the company’s founding, our major emphasis has been TV aerial installation. For new installations and TV aerial maintenance, we offer a skilled and accessible callout service. We can advise you on the best location and equipment for your needs as a TV aerial installation specialist.

Freeview Aerials

If you recently bought Freeview and are having signal problems, it might be due to an antenna problem. In Harlesden and the nearby regions, we can install digital aerials that are compatible with Freeview.

Sky TV Installations

You can view the most recent TV programmes, sports, and films with a Sky entertainment package. As a Sky agent, we can set up, install, and support Sky services in Harlesden.


If you have a satellite dish, you may watch over 100 channels for free on Freesat. If you’re unhappy with your reception or want to improve your Freesat, Aerial Services can assist.

Foreign Satellites

You may watch TV from anywhere on the earth by utilising a specialised satellite designed to pick up channels from various countries. We can set up the 80cm satellite dishes and receivers required to see international television broadcasts.

Extra TV Points

You’ll need additional TV points if you want to watch TV in every room of your home or business. If necessary, more TV outlets may be put in kitchens, additional bedrooms, loft areas, and even the bathroom.

TV Wall Mounting

Hang your television on the wall to make the most of your living area. To avoid wall damage and keep the television safe, large televisions require specialised installation. Each room can have a television installed on the wall.

Digital TV aerial Installation in Harlesden

We can install a digital TV antenna in your house if you don’t already have one. Our comprehensive service includes a free consultation and proposal to assist you in making the right option for your unique requirements. If you decide to proceed, we will keep you informed about the installation’s expected arrival time and length. Wherever feasible, we try to deliver same-day aerial installation in Harlesden.



Do I need a New TV aerial?
You may need to replace your aerial if your present reception is inadequate. You may need to install a new aerial if you wish to increase your service. Before installing new aerials, we will make every attempt to fix old ones.
Do TV Aerials still work in the UK?
Yes, your television may still receive analogue television signals. We recommend upgrading to a digital TV aerial for the best picture and service. Through services such as Freeview, you will have access to the most recent and up-to-date channels. If you wish to increase the amount of channels accessible to you, Freesat is another option to explore.
Can I watch TV without an Aerial in the UK?
If your television is smart, you can watch TV shows online. A streaming stick, such as a Chromecast or an Amazon Firestick, is another alternative. This plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and gives you access to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. To view TV without an antenna, you’ll need a fast internet connection that can support streaming services. Because utilising a satellite may result in an unstable signal, we always recommend using an aerial to access TV channels.
Which aerial do I need to watch Freeview?
You must have a functional aerial pointing in the right direction towards a transmitter to get Freeview channels. Although an interior aerial may be used to get Freeview channels, an outside aerial is preferable since it is more reliable.

My TV aerial is not working, I have no signal

Check that your aerial cable is connected
Check to determine if the antenna cable is correctly hooked to the television if your TV aerial isn’t working. This may come undone if you move your TV or someone tugs on the cable’s end. To make it easy to inspect the connections, we recommend connecting all cables to a set-top box.
Your TV may need to be re-tuned
If you’ve just moved, you’ll need to re-tune your television in your new location. This is owing to the fact that the signals will vary, and your television will need to know what frequency to look for in order to view each channel. To locate the stations again, use your TV’s auto-tune option.
Have you relocated your aerial recently?
If you transfer your aerial from the roof to the loft, you may suffer signal problems since the aerial will get a lesser signal. If an external aerial is available, use it since it will provide a better signal.
Is your aerial positioned incorrectly?
Storms and building projects may cause your TV aerial to point in the wrong direction. Examine your aerial to see if it is pointed in the same direction as the others in your locality. It’s time to hire a TV aerial repair provider if your TV aerial isn’t working. We do not recommend relocating the aerial yourself since operating at a height is unsafe.
Your TV aerial may be faulty
Your difficulties might be caused by a defective television aerial. Television aerials can be damaged by birds and flying debris. It’s also conceivable that it’s simply old and worn out. If your TV aerial is more than 10 years old and you’re not receiving a good signal, it’s time to replace it or upgrade to a Freesat satellite.


Harlesden is a flourishing residential neighbourhood recognised for its cosmopolitan feel and bustling food scene, which includes Caribbean, Brazilian, and Lebanese cuisines. The cast-iron Jubilee Clock, a late-19th-century monument, can be seen on the bustling High Street, which also has take-out eateries and multinational supermarket stores. Roundwood Park is a tranquil oasis with colourful flower beds, an aviary, and a wildlife sanctuary.