Operating throughout Wembley, HA9 Aerial Services – Wembley have several years of experience in providing professional TV aerial installation services across Wembley and the surrounding areas.

In and around Wembley, Aerial Services provides installation and maintenance services to businesses and residents. If you need a professional aerial installation in Wembley, HA9 or fear your aerial is faulty, call Aerial Services to assess and repair the problem swiftly.

Aerial installation, as well as specialist TV services such as Sky, Freesat, Sky HD, Freeview, and multi-room TV setups, are all handled by our trained personnel. We can also recommend the best TV aerials and digital aerials for watching your preferred channels. Our installation team can handle new indoor and outdoor aerial installations as well as troubleshoot existing ones.

As a specialist TV aerial installation company, we can advise on the best placement and products for your needs. If you’re unhappy with your TV reception or you’d like to explore a new TV package, trust Aerial Services in Wembley to solve your problems. Get in touch to arrange a free callout and quotation.

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About Aerial Services in Wembley, HA9

Aerial Services was founded in 1968 by Frank Gavin. The firm has grown from humble beginnings to provide a full TV aerial installation service in the London region. Our engineers are courteous and professional, and they will always come at your location with their ID Badges and CSCS Health and Safety cards.
As an expert TV aerial installation firm, we can advise on the optimum placement and goods for your needs. If you’re having trouble with your TV reception or want to look into a new TV package, Aerial Services in Wembley can help. Contact us to set up a free consultation and quote.

Services we provide in Wembley

TV Aerials

Our primary focus has been TV aerial installation from the company’s inception. We provide a professional and accessible callout service for new installations and TV aerial repairs. As a TV aerial installation specialist, we can advise you on the best location and equipment for your needs.

Freeview Aerials

If you recently purchased a Freeview device and are having trouble receiving signals, it might be due to an issue with your antenna. We can install digital aerials that are compatible with Freeview in Wembley and the surrounding areas.

Sky TV Installations

A Sky entertainment package allows you to enjoy the most recent TV shows, sports, and movies. As a Sky agent, we can set up, install, and support Sky services in Wembley.


With a satellite dish, you may watch over 100 channels for free. If you are unhappy with your reception or want to improve your Freesat, Aerial Services can help.

Foreign Satellites

You may watch TV from all around the world using a specialised satellite intended to pick up channels from other nations. We can set up 80cm satellite dishes and receivers, which are essential for watching foreign television broadcasts.

Extra TV Points

If you want to watch TV in every room of your house or company, you’ll need to add more TV points. Additional TV hookups may be installed in kitchens, the spare bedrooms, loft spaces and even the bathroom if needed.

TV Wall Mounting

Maximize your living space by mounting your television on the wall. Large TVs require specialised installation to minimise wall damage and to keep the TV secure. We can mount a television on the wall in any area.

Digital TV aerial Installation in Wembley, HA9

We can assist with digital TV antenna installation if your property does not already have one. Our comprehensive service includes a free consultation and proposal to assist you in making the right option for your unique requirements. If you want to proceed, we will keep you informed about the projected arrival time and the duration of the installation. Wherever possible, we try to provide same-day aerial installation in Wembley.



Do I need a New TV aerial?
If your current reception isn’t up to par, you may need to update your aerial. If you want to improve your service, you may need a new aerial. Wherever possible, we will try to repair existing aerials before installing new ones.
Do TV Aerials still work in the UK?
Yes, analogue television signals may still be received on your television. For the greatest picture and service, we recommend upgrading to a digital TV aerial. This will provide you access to the latest up-to-date channels through services like Freeview. Freesat is another option to consider if you want to boost the number of channels available to you.
Can I watch TV without an Aerial in the UK?
You can stream TV shows if your television has smart capabilities. A streaming stick, such as a Chromecast or an Amazon Firestick, is also an option. This connects to the HDMI port on your TV and allows you to access streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. You’ll need a fast internet connection that can handle streaming services to watch TV without an antenna. We always advocate obtaining TV channels using your antenna because this may result in an unreliable signal.
Which aerial do I need to watch Freeview?
You must have a functional aerial pointing in the right direction towards a transmitter to get Freeview channels. Although an inside antenna may be used to acquire Freeview channels, we suggest an outdoor aerial for added reliability.

My TV aerial is not working, I have no signal

Check that your aerial cable is connected
If your TV aerial isn’t working, check to see if the aerial cable is properly connected to the television. If you move your TV or someone pulls on the cable’s end, this might come undone. We recommend connecting all wires to a set-top box to make inspecting the connections easier.
Your TV may need to be re-tuned
You will need to re-tune your television in your new location if you have just relocated. This is because the signals will fluctuate, and your television will need to know what frequency to look for to display each channel. Use the auto-tune feature on your TV to find the channels again.
Have you relocated your aerial recently?
If you move your aerial from the roof to the loft, you may experience signal problems since the aerial will get a weaker signal. When an external aerial is available, you should use it since it will deliver a better signal.
Is your aerial positioned incorrectly?
Storms and building projects may cause your TV aerial to aim incorrectly. Check to see if your aerial is facing the same way as the others in your block. It’s time to call a TV aerial repair service if it isn’t working. Working at heights is risky, thus we don’t recommend relocating the aerial yourself.
Your TV aerial may be faulty
A faulty television aerial might be the source of your problems. Birds and flying debris can cause damage to television aerials. It’s also possible that it’s just been worn out over time. If your TV antenna is more than 10 years old and you aren’t getting a decent signal, it’s time to think about getting a new one or upgrading to a Freesat satellite.


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