If you’re having problems with your TV reception, the good news is that Aerial Services can help you. Some of the most common issues with TV reception that we deal with are complete loss of signal, intermittent loss of signal, ‘blocky’ pictures, pictures freezing and blurry or fuzzy pictures. When you’re having signal problems, you may also experience loss of sound in some cases.

Whether you are watching Freeview or Sky TV, we can diagnose what is causing the problem quickly and simply. A possible Freeview problem is that your aerial has moved, causing loss of signal. In this case, we can fix the problem by re-fixing your aerial, or tightening (or replacing in some cases) the brackets that are holding it to the chimney or wall. There can also be similar issues with Sky dishes moving around, in which case our engineers can get you back up and running as soon as possible so that you can enjoy watching TV again.

Our engineers also deal with a lot of common faults caused by broken, damaged or waterlogged cabling or damaged outlet sockets. These problems are simple for us to fix and we always carry replacement parts that might be needed in our vans, so you’ll experience minimum downtime while we get the problem sorted and new the equipment that is needed installed.

Aerial Services provide free advice, free callouts, free quotations and a fast response from professionally trained engineers that are always happy to help. We even offer a 1 year guarantee on our work so that you can be confident that we will do a great job every time.

Aerial Services has been in business since 1968 and we are highly experienced in the field of aerial servicing and repair. Our professional and friendly engineers can carry out work on the same day as we give an estimate so that you can get your signal problems sorted straight away. Our repair work is quick and efficient and all of our engineers are experienced and fully trained in all aspects of aerial repair as well as health and safety legislation.

Aerial Repairs from the team at Aerial Services are carried out six days a week by our team of engineers. Simply give us a call on 020 7582 8888 to speak to one of the team and arrange your free quotation today! We serve customers all over central London as we have bases in Vauxhall and Willesden.