This summer has seen the launch of the eagerly awaited and “totally free” BT Sports channels. BT have spent £736 million securing the broadcasting rights to 38 Premiership games in the upcoming season compared to 115 which Sky will be screening. Oh and if you’re a rugby fan they’ve also managed to land exclusive live coverage of up to 69 Aviva Premiership games per season for the next four years amidst a plethora of other sporting events. So, how does one access BT Sports?

If you are an existing BT Broadband customer you can access the new channels free online, there is even a new BT Sports app to make this easier. Or if you’re lucky enough to have BT Broadband and Sky you can access BT Sports in Standard Definition on your existing Sky box for free by registering your viewing card. There is a £3 monthly charge to upgrade this to HD. Alternatively you can catch BT Sports and all of the On Demand services with either a Youview or Vision+ box at a cost of £5 a month using a signal from a conventional TV aerial.

If you are a Sky customer and don’t wish to use BT’s Broadband service you can still watch BT Sports through your Sky box by contacting BT and paying an extra £12 a month for SD or £15 a month for HD. BT Sports aren’t available at the moment on Virgin although this could be reviewed if BT can increase their slice of the football pie. If you have any questions about BT Sports please feel free to phone or email us and we’ll be glad to help. Alternatively you could watch the football from the comfort of your local pub (if it hasn’t become a restaurant) where you will inevitably find an in-house expert who can tell you repeatedly all about the subject of broadcasting rights and indeed anything else you may or may not have wanted to know about.