What is the best choice for children’s television

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It is surprising what can influence our choice of television packages – but for many families catering for the tastes of young children is probably a factor. Despite honourable intentions to keep screen time to a minimum television is a big hit with little people. For those old enough to remember today’s offering for young… Read more »

Stop family squabbles by adding extra TV points

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Love Island was certainly popular but for some families these all-consuming shows can be a real bone of contention when the love isn’t shared. Whether it is keeping up to date with the latest soap opera, a fascination with crime dramas, watching any and every sport there is or obsessing over 24 news, television tastes… Read more »

Appreciate the fantastic (Freeview) service during Wimbledon

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July marks the return of one of the biggest television sports spectaculars as the stars step out on Centre Court for Wimbledon fortnight. One of the best things about Wimbledon – and no doubt a part of its mass appeal and enduring popularity – is that watching the world-famous tennis tournament on television is essentially… Read more »

Freeview Channel Reshuffle – 21st March 2018

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Today in London there are some major technical changes and engineering works being carried out at the Crystal Palace TV transmitter. The reason for this is that the government and Ofcom are trying to clear a gap in the TV spectrum around the 700 MHZ mark to enable space for phone companies to launch their… Read more »