What is Sky Q and is it right for me?

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What is Sky Q

Steaming services have transformed the landscape of television with easy to use on-demand services – and Sky Q is the media giant’s response to this. But rather than adapt their existing – and ever-popular – system Sky unveiled a new golden standard in television – watching that built on the best of what is already available. Sitting… Read more »

Is poor reception always down to the digital TV aerial?

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Digital TV aerials

Just imagine you’ve looked forward to slumping down on the sofa and relaxing in front of your favourite programme but as you turn the TV on all you can see is a series of distorted blocks. Annoying isn’t it? And sometimes it not just the picture – the sound can be missing, the picture may… Read more »

Satellite TV aerials: Choosing the TV you want to watch

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Watching television used to be far simpler – but to make sure you have access to all the shows you want to watch you may well need to make sure you have access to multiple services, including satellite TV aerials. Used as generic a catch-all term, satellite TV aerials refers to a means to watch… Read more »

Why flexibility is key in fitting commercial television aerials

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Commercial television aerials are needed in a wide range of businesses and many of these can often present their own unique challenges. Whatever your business, if you think it would benefit from the introduction of television screens don’t be put off by the logistics of getting television aerials put in place.    Television can be… Read more »

Do I need a satellite aerial as well as a dish?

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The choice you make of how to watch TV in your home will affect whether you need a dish or an aerial. Satellite television is provided via a dish, which receives signals that are then sent directly to either your television set or set-top box. Freeview and terrestrial channels on the other hand depend on… Read more »

Do I need to upgrade my digital aerial?

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If your television is patchy or you are struggling to access channels an obvious consideration to reach is whether you need a digital aerial. While the television provision itself may be digital, a specific digital aerial is not needed to access it. In fact a ‘digital aerial’ does not exist as such. Rather than through… Read more »