Appreciate the fantastic (Freeview) service during Wimbledon

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July marks the return of one of the biggest television sports spectaculars as the stars step out on Centre Court for Wimbledon fortnight. One of the best things about Wimbledon – and no doubt a part of its mass appeal and enduring popularity – is that watching the world-famous tennis tournament on television is essentially… Read more »

Freeview Channel Reshuffle – 21st March 2018

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Today in London there are some major technical changes and engineering works being carried out at the Crystal Palace TV transmitter. The reason for this is that the government and Ofcom are trying to clear a gap in the TV spectrum around the 700 MHZ mark to enable space for phone companies to launch their… Read more »

How to wall mount a 65” TV

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Today I’ll be installing a 65” LG OLED 4K Ultra HD TV on to a solid brick wall. The OLED (or Organic LED) range is very hot at the moment because it’s 4K so the contrast between different colour ranges and the motion tracking is unsurpassed. 4K or (Ultra HD as it’s also known) refers… Read more »

Quality remains at the heart of television’s future

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January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a brilliant and enthralling showcase of what the world can expect from home technology in the coming years – including television. Technology keeps on pushing boundaries that not so long ago would have been unimaginable. Television viewers already have endless choice of viewing at the touch of a button… Read more »

Why quality television is more accessible than ever

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The nights are getting darker and colder meaning one thing: more TV and more films. Yet while our appetite for watching the latest block-busters and binge-watching TV series after TV series goes unabated, two fairly mainstream services shut their doors recently. Both LoveFilm and the BBC Store called it a day just as we entered… Read more »