Today in London there are some major technical changes and engineering works being carried out at the Crystal Palace TV transmitter. The reason for this is that the government and Ofcom are trying to clear a gap in the TV spectrum around the 700 MHZ mark to enable space for phone companies to launch their new 5G mobile broadband services in 2020.

In order to create this gap they will be shifting the frequencies of certain channels to new positions  which means your TV may “lose” them on the program guide. So if you use Freeview or you watch via a Youview box you may need to retune in order to restore the lost channels.  In some cases your TV may do this automatically but if not you’ll need to retune. This is very easy to do and normally only takes a couple of minutes.

If you need any help with this please take a look at the Freeview retuning guide or you can call them on their helpline – 0808 100 0288;

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