From viewing digital television on new devices to a staggering range of new online services, massive changes have swept across television in the past decade. The way we consume content has changed dramatically and with it has many of our viewing habits.

digital tv

With the right set-up families can now watch TV in a variety of different rooms, with everybody watching something different if they want. The ability to pre-plan what you are going to watch, to pause and rewind live TV and skip through adverts are all features that Sky and Virgin Media users now take for granted.

Watching catch up TV through tablets and subscribing to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime has also coined a new type of behaviour – box set binging. TV shows such as Breaking Bad, Games of Thrones and House of Cards have become incredibly popular with many avid viewers being hooked.

More choice and greater technology

Services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have shown that there is a huge appetite for different ways of viewing television. In addition, the rise of the smartphone and tablet has changed the way we watch TV and we are now more in control of what we can watch and not tied down to TV schedules.

When you combine all of this with how televisions have developed over the last decade then these are exciting times for the TV industry. We now have more choice and greater technology in which to watch it on. Smart TVs , Ultra HD, 3DTV and 4K TV now gives us the option to watch all our favourite programmes when we want with the best picture and sound quality available. It’s a compelling combination!