Home automation is revolutionising how the modern home operates. Smart interior lighting management, window shades with a motorized mechanism and many other innovative solutions make the lives of people who live in these homes much easier. There are many people who are well-aware of the usefulness of home automation, but they are not considering this option because they think that these solutions are quite expensive.

However, many home owners and experts have confirmed that including some of these solutions in your home promises great return of investment. Besides saving time and improving quality of life, home automation also cuts energy consumption which ultimately means lower energy costs.

Automated lighting management reduces the amount of power you use

Let’s be honest, many people forget to turn off the light in rooms they are not using, even when they go to bed or before they leave their home. If you have lighting control you don’t need to walk in to each room to check whether the light is off or on. All you need to do is to press one button and every light in the home will be turned off (or on if you want to). The best part is that you can use specific program setting that will manage the lighting automatically. In addition, you can also rely on your mobile device and turn the lights off and on regardless of your location.

Motorized window shades save power

Heating and cooling costs will be radically reduced if you use motorized window shades. It is very difficult to follow the sun and adjust the shades depending on its position. With automatic motorized shades you can set a program or adjust them from your mobile devices without the need to stand up and visit each room in your home.

In addition, home automation can spare you from phantom energy use, help you synch energy management systems for personal observation and provide automated climate management.

There are several ways that home automation can be used to save you money so to find out more, contact Aerial Services now.