There are occasions when you could get problems with your TV reception. For instance, you may get a pixelated or blocky picture or maybe missing channels. In many of these situations this is just a temporary issue that goes away on its own and in other situations, there’s usually a simple solution.


However, there are some cases when you may need professional help. Experts advise the use of true professionals whenever you need to maintain a rooftop aerial. However, some of the most common TV reception problems you can probably fix alone so here’s what you can do:


If you’ve purchased an aerial amplifier prior to switchover to Freeview due to a weak signal or some other reception problem, you probably won’t need this amplifier anymore. In fact, amplifiers and splitters often cause reception difficulties and they can overload TV equipment. Simply remove them and check the results.

Cables and aerials

Inspect the aerial and confirm that it is in a good shape and secure. In addition, inspect the external cabling and sockets as well as other cables that go to your TV. In some cases, bad reception is caused when the external aerial is not in the right position and doesn’t point to the right transmitter. Additionally, bad weather can cause damage to the aerial.

Signal overlaps and transmitters

Many people can get signals from different TV transmitters. This depends on their location. For instance, you might receive a signal from a regional station that you actually don’t want to watch. Some pieces of equipment are set to receive weaker signals instead of stronger signal and they do this automatically. If you want to solve this problem, just set the receiver on manual retuning. Furthermore, there are situations where aerials are not aligned to the appropriate transmitter. Keep in mind that the size of the transmitter sometimes doesn’t play the main role.

Internal interference

There are many home appliances that can cause problems. The power fluctuations affect the reception. Washing machines, refrigerators, fluorescent lighting systems, tumble dryers and even lawnmowers can cause this type of disruption.

If you’ve tried everything and you still can’t get a good picture then give us a call, and we’ll be happy to arrange an inspection.

If all else fails please contact Aerial Services!