Buying a home cinema system requires installation which you may or may not know how to do effectively. Here is a quick guide to setting up a simple home cinema system:

How to set up a simple home cinema system

1. The first thing to do is to plug in the system. Cables should be attached to the speakers and then to the amplifier, in that order. The amplifier should be off. Do not do this step the opposite way as it can cause short out to your home cinema system.

2. When it comes to tuning in, you should be aware that most of the receivers come with preset functions. The receiver searches and memorise stations with just a simple touch. However, sometimes automatic scan takes time and is often inaccurate, so try entering the stations manually if you experience problems.

3. The third step is placing the speakers. Because most living rooms today are not ideally square, you should pay attention to the following in order to get the best out of your home cinema system:

Front speakers should be placed a meter apart right and left from the TV, directly facing your sofa.
Centre speaker should be as closest possible to the TV, ideally below it.
The subwoofer should be placed in the middle of your front wall, or if that is not possible, then place it in the closest free corner.
Rear speakers should be installed on the opposite room corners, at the back or side of the main viewing position.

4. Next step is setting up the system by programming it in a way in which it will recognise the distance of the speakers from the viewer by using the remote control. This step is important if you want to enjoy surround-sound of your home cinema system. Speaker levels should be set to sound like they are at the same volume. Take some time to adjust until you hit the best sound. Because each room has different layout and shape, and because the furniture can also affect the sound, adjust the volume levels and sound delay to desired levels.

If all the above sounds like too much hassle and you would prefer a professional installation, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help.