Many people might still be unsure exactly what 4K TV is all about but in the world of technology there is no room for standing still as the 8k television is already being raved about.

In the summer Samsung revealed the Q900 8K QLED TV at the IFA electrical consumer show in Berlin to much interest and excitement.

What is 8K TV?

8K television is an ultra high definition system that boasts four times as many pixels as 4K TV, offering the prospect of unrivalled quality. With large TV sets being in vogue this will be a real boost for picture quality.

But it is not just the pixels that are pushing TV technology forward with Samsung’s more affordable 8K television, which should now be available to buy. It offers an intelligent take on TV quality by using artificial intelligence to update the processor and constantly improve image quality with the latest developments.

Is there any 8K content to view?

Of course the problem with all these cutting edge advances is that the content isn’t really there yet. While 4k content remains fairly thin on the ground, 8K content is apparently non-existent. The concept is one thing but exciting as that is, content is king. What after all is a TV with nothing to watch on it?

HD has taken some considerable time to provide a wide range of content, while you only have to look at the enduring popularity of non-Blu-ray DVDs to see that cost and accessibility to content remain the key to a viewer’s heart.

But while dedicated 8K content may not be available just yet Samsung’s 8K offering will bring added sound definition and exquisite detail to content currently available.

Despite the lack of dedicated content these are clearly exciting times for television technology and the quest for ever greater quality that will bring top TV content to life – when it is available.

In the meantime enjoy the bumper crop of quality television that has sprung up on the BBC this autumn at no extra cost thanks to Freeview.

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