Just imagine you’ve looked forward to slumping down on the sofa and relaxing in front of your favourite programme but as you turn the TV on all you can see is a series of distorted blocks.

Annoying isn’t it? And sometimes it not just the picture – the sound can be missing, the picture may be missing entirely or interference is making whatever sound there is incomprehensible.

Poor TV reception is enough to ruin your day, however, a poor picture and poor sound is not always down to a fault with your aerial.

In fact, with the varied ways through which we watch television now, the cause of the poor picture, or complete lack of it could be down to a number of factors.

Causes of poor reception – it’s not always the digital TV aerial!

In fact, the cause of poor reception is not often the digital TV aerial and more likely a problem with the signal reaching the set.

There are a number of factors that can affect the signal getting to your television that have nothing whatsoever to do with the equipment you have in place.

Weather – with the stormy weather that we’ve been having this February you may have experienced this first-hand. Strong winds and rain can move debris that can block the signal, as well as damage external equipment. Once the weather clears the signal should be right as rain…

It’s not only bad weather that can affect the signal the high pressure that signals warm sunny weather can also play havoc with digital TV aerial reception. The high pressure sends the signal further than expected, which can lead to more than one signal being received, affecting the quality of the picture.

Digital issues – In the digital world we are all highly dependent on technology but sometimes this doesn’t always go smoothly. Incorrect inputs can lead to problems with digital television while a poor wi-fi signal will have an impact on programmes watched via the internet.

Birds on the aerials – Investing in bird spikes is a simple, inexpensive, and quick way to deal with a bird problem. These are plastic or mental barriers that may be attached to your roof or placed around cables, antennas, or aerials. You can view more on how to How to stop birds sitting on TV aerial

Digital TV aerials

Check your digital TV aerial

As it is the digital TV aerial that very often gets the blame rightly or wrongly this is something you will want to check out if you are having problems with the quality of your picture.

It may be that you need to boost the signal from your aerial using an amplifier, or it could even be that the signal is too strong in which case an aerial expert can suggest a remedy.

While aerials do occasionally need to be upgraded it is unusual for them to suffer damage although in the case of a storm this is possible.

More common is the problem of rain water getting into older cabling and damaging the cable and possibly more equipment.

If you are concerned that the cable to your digital TV aerial needs replacing, or the equipment needs upgrading, always speak to a professional who can carry out the work safely.

Aerial Services have more than 50 years of experience in installing TV aerials and will be able to diagnose and fix your problem.

To find out how aerial services can help to improve your digital TV aerial reception contact us


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