When did televisions become the new focal point in homes?

There would have been a time in the not very distant past when if the question ‘where are you going to put the TV?’ was met with ‘above the fire’ it would have been seen at the very least as laughable.

Fast forward a few years and here we are in 2017 and wall-mounted televisions are a regular feature in modern, design-orientated homes.

A leap in technology

Where thousands of mirrors once proudly sat, reflecting the light to give the illusion of a larger living space, another world now exists – that of internet-streamed television shows.

A serious reason not to be underestimated in the move upwards for televisions is their reducing size. Televisions quickly moved from the point where a plasma screen was a fabled gadget owned by the few who could afford it, to a point where flat screen TVs were standard.

These widely-available flat screen TVs are also of a size and weight that can safely be supported on a wall.

The pros and cons of a wall-mounted television

So, what are the main benefits of choosing to wall-mount your television on the wall? To start with it certainly frees up a corner to be used for something else if the media unit becomes obsolete. Extra floor space is a definite plus.

Wires can be hidden within the wall making for a tidier living area – and also keeping them, along with the television itself, out of the reach of young children.

While it could also be seen as some sort of replacement for an artwork or photograph, that argument perhaps lacks authenticity – after all not all TV shows can be described as a work of art…

A serious consideration when choosing whether to wall-mount your television or not is viewing ability. It needs to be positioned a point that is comfortable, but also that can be seen by everyone who may be watching at any one time. The bigger the family, the more challenging this may be. There’s a reason why corners have had a lasting appeal with television owners.

In choosing to wall mount a television you do not want to take away from the experience of a night in front of the TV, by straining to see or getting a stiff neck.

The writing is on the wall

As long as your home boasts the space to comfortably house a wall-mounted television, it is down to a matter of taste – and storage space.

For homeowners looking for a modern feel to their home – the writing is on the wall, or at least the TV is in most cases.

If you are considering wall-mounting your television, contact Aerial Services for expert advice.