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If your television is patchy or you are struggling to access channels an obvious consideration to reach is whether you need a digital aerial.

While the television provision itself may be digital, a specific digital aerial is not needed to access it.

In fact a ‘digital aerial’ does not exist as such. Rather than through a digital aerial television channels are still accessed through a normal TV aerial.

bad wealther aerial services

Television signals continue to be sent through standard aerials which are often complemented by a digital package that is accessed through your internet connection.

However, to continue to enjoy the main Freeview channels, and in particular live TV, you will need to have a television aerial not just an internet connection.

The first step to consider if you are struggling to access Freeview channels is whether you have an aerial at all. If not you will only be able to enjoy the full benefits of this digital service by having an aerial installed.

Solutions if you think you need a digital aerial

If you already have an aerial in place but are struggling with the picture or reception it is a natural step to wonder if you need to upgrade your aerial to a specific digital aerial.

The last digital switchover occurred in 2012 in London and now, with Freeview (and similar) installations many households enjoy great entertainment in their homes.

While, as stated earlier, specific digital aerials do not actually exist it could be that you aerial needs updating. Rather than needing a ‘digital aerial’ this could be due to:

  • Poor positioning
  • The wrong sort of transmission for the aerial
  • Wear and tear damaging the television aerial
  • Damaged or incorrect cabling
  • Poor Freeview coverage

It is important that repairs, alterations and upgrades to television aerials are carried out by a qualified company. A qualified aerial company will be able to quickly diagnose any problems with your current aerial and recommend the best way to improve your reception.

Since the late 1960s Aerial Services have been installing and maintaining communal TV systems. Engineers are highly experienced and qualified carrying CSCS Health & Safety cards and company ID badges for peace of mind for customers.

Want to upgrade your digital aerial?

If you think that you may need a ‘digital aerial’ to improve the reception of your entertainment viewing, please contact the Aerial Services team to find out how to improve the signal to your television – call us on 0207 582 8888.

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When considering the layout of your living room or lounge the position of the TV usually plays a major part and using a TV mounting service could open up new possibilities in your London home.

Traditionally a feature in the corner of the room the introduction of flat screen television made it practical for televisions to be wall-mounted.

Now it is as common to see televisions hanging above a fireplace and taking pride of place as the focal point of the room.

One benefit of putting your television on the wall is to free up floor space, as well as maximising your viewing experience.

One you have made the decision to move your television to the wall is it important that it is installed correctly and using a TV mounting service in London will make sure of that.

Before installing a TV you need to be sure that the bracket is a correct fit and can support the TV. It is also important to get the viewing angle correct as the last thing you want is to get a sore neck watching your favourite TV programme.

Put safety first with a TV wall mounting service, London

A professional TV mounting service in London, such as Aerial Services, will make sure the correct bracket is used – and can even provide the bracket for you.

Using a TV mounting service will also allow you to benefit from the expertise of the experienced fitters who can advise you on the best viewing angles.

Making sure that the television has adequate support is essential for a safe installation. Considering the high level of use a lounge – and television – gets, including from children, making sure the TV is as safe as possible is essential. Using a TV mounting service in London will ensure that your television installation is fitted to a high standard using the right equipment.

Additionally engineers will make sure that the television and external devices are properly connected.

Aerial Services has extensive experience of installing televisions and aerials in London and can source as well as install a wall-mounted television for your home.

Don’t let concerns about how to move a television to the wall hold you back from designing your perfect living room, call in the professionals.

For a TV wall mounting service that you can trust contact Aerial Services Ltd using the online for form call us on 0207 582 8888.

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People young and old all across the country love listening to the wide variety of shows available on FM radio, but poor reception can really affect your listening pleasure.

A number of factors are known to affect the reception of FM radio signals, leading to a less than perfect reception.

However, rather than accept an inferior sound from your favourite station there are steps you can take to make sure you receive the strongest signal possible at home.

FM radio remains the most popular choice for listeners despite previous plans to switch analogue services to DAB.

What factors can affect FM radio reception?

Most radios work with a built in antenna that picks up FM radio transmissions within a local area usually resulting in an excellent sound for music radio in particular.

However, a number of factors can cause problems such as interference, static, poor reception or a failure to access stations by blocking or weakening the signal. These include:

  • Being out of range – FM signals generally only transmit to around 100 miles. If you live in a remote area it may not be well served by transmitters.
  • Physical blocks – trees and tall buildings can interfere with radio signals; weakening or even blocking the signal. This can be problematic where a home receives two signals and one is delayed by being deflected off a building.
  • Electronic interference – Common household items such as computers, televisions, dimmer switches or even the thermostat can affect the signal. Switch off nearby devices to eliminate them as a cause of interference.
  • Pirate radio stations – Stations using nearby bandwidth can result in the listener hearing two different sounds.
  • The weather – hot weather rather than storms can be an issue for radio reception as high pressure weather systems are known to affect FM radio reception occasionally.

What can I do about poor FM radio reception?

When the problem of poor FM radio reception is due to interference from an electrical item in the house moving the radio away should help.

Likewise if the location of the radio is resulting in a blocked signal, moving the radio – or – just the aerial around could improve the signal.

One of the most effective steps to take though is installing an external FM aerial that can be plugged into the back of your radio. Firstly you will have to check that the device supports an external aerial.

A professional aerial installation service will be able to fix a dedicated FM aerial onto your roof to help boost the signal received in the house. By being located higher up, and with fewer physical blocks, the signal should be stronger and clearer.

To improve the reception of your FM radio contact Aerial Services Ltd to arrange an appointment to install an external FM aerial.

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When it comes to covering live sports action it is usually TV deals that grab the headlines but radio retains a big place in the heart of fans.

Sports coverage on the radio is excellent, allowing for a wide breadth of regional coverage that engages fans everywhere.

So why exactly is radio such as hit with sports fans? Choice is certainly a major factor.

Whether it is following the fortunes of your local team on a regional radio station, listening to the horse racing on Radio 4 or keeping up to date with all the latest Premier League action on Talksport there is no shortage of coverage to keep listeners interested.

Bringing sport alive through radio

Then of course, there are the commentators. Bringing alive a sports event through words alone is quite a feat but the excitement and tension that radio commentators generate provides a real atmosphere that keeps listeners hooked.

Another major plus point of sports radio is that it is interactive. Radio as a form of sports media works exceptionally well to provide listeners with a platform to air their views – it is about the words after all so there is no need to worry about a lack of visuals to accompany fans’ feedback. To demonstrate the point, football phone-ins are the stuff of legend – a real display of the passion and pain that makes following sport so irresistible.

Listening also allows you to get on with life as busy lives and packed schedules can make finding time to watch the match tricky, particularly when it comes to sports such as tennis and cricket where the time can really stretch. Sports radio is the happy medium that keeps fans up to date, but lets them get on with whatever else demands their time.

Make sure your aerial is match fit

When listening to sport on the radio though it is important to make sure your radio equipment is up to job. Reception that dips in and out, buzzing and being unable to locate the station you want will really put a dampener on enjoying the game.

If there’s an issue with your current equipment, Aerial Services will be able to identity and resolve any problems that are related to your aerial, putting you back in the game promptly.

A new radio aerial could transform your enjoyment of listening to sports on the radio.

Ensure a tiptop signal

If you are having problems with your radio reception or want to discuss the options for top quality radio aerials contact Aerial Services to book an appointment.

The team can help with:

  • Free advice
  • Free call out service
  • Free quotations
  • Fast response
  • Friendly qualified engineers
  • One year guarantee

Call today on 0207 582 8888.

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Catch-up television services have meant watching in ‘real time’ is not usually necessary but occasionally a TV show is so popular watching it in the moment makes all the difference.

The huge, sweeping popularity of Game of Thrones is the epitome of this; a show that gets everybody talking and that you dare not miss for fear of spoilers.

With twists and turns at every step it is the sort of television show that keeps avid viewers desperately hanging on to each intricate plot development, which makes it essential real time viewing.

Unless you are planning to avoid social media, workplace conversations and speaking to your friends until you manage to catch up, the prospect of the latest episode being spoiled for you is high.  

When and on what channel will Games of Thrones Series 8 be showing?

When Game of Thrones makes its long-awaited return to UK screens for the eighth and final series on April 15, you will really want to make sure you have the right package in place.

Showing on Sky Atlantic at 2am to coincide with US timing, it will show on the channel again at 9am on April 15, as well as on Now TV.

As well as making sure you have Sky or Now TV to catch the show on, this could also be the time to take action to remedy any technical glitches. After all, it’s like the world is ending if a hiccup happens right at the time of a nail-biting cliff-hanger!

Although extreme weather can cause problems with digital television services, a poor picture could just be the result of a problem with the cabling or installation. If all seems well with the television set contact Aerial Services, which can offer a speedy repair resolution thanks to years of experience and having the equipment at hand.

Don’t miss out on your TV favourites

If epic, dragon and battle-filled fantasies are not your ideal viewing choice 2019 still promises more must-watch moments with the planned return of Peaky Blinders and Line of Duty being among the highlights.

Just make sure you don’t get caught out by untimely spoilers from friends while you are waiting to catch up!

Aerial services offer a comprehensive repair service to remedy issues with reception as well as providing Sky installation.

Whether you need a television installing, reception improving or access to Sky TV, Aerial Services can help – contact us today.

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Staying connected and up to date is important in business and adding television screens to your office can really help.

Whether it is 24-hour news screening in communal areas, a screen broadcasting in waiting areas or screens displaying digital messages around the building, installing television screens in an office conveys a positive message to workers and visitors.

tv wall mounting

Make the right first impression

Entrance and reception areas to offices in particular could benefit from the installation of television screens, which provide an excellent source of focus for everyone from nervous job candidates to clients patiently waiting to be collected from reception for a delayed meeting.

More than just a distraction though, television screens can help to project the integral image that a company aspires to – whether that is showing that you have your finger on the pulse of what is going on in the world with 24-hours news, or using the screens to showcase products and campaigns.

Having a visual and audio presence can make a good impression and lift the atmosphere of the office.

Stay informed by installing TV in your office

For some industries having access to a high quality television service is of particular importance and can make all the difference when it comes to response and presentation.

News rooms and public relations offices, marketing and advertising agencies for example will benefit from the visual display and uninterrupted service that televisions can offer.

While the business case for installing television in an office is one aspect there is, of course, a social element.

Taking a break

A motivated workforce is a workforce that feels valued and adding a couple of extra perks can make all the difference.

Access to television screens in breakout areas, particularly for those putting in long shifts, can be a grateful distraction at break times, while many like to be kept up to date with what is going on in the world while having a break from their desk.

Aerial Services has a wealth of experience installing television services across the commercial sector and numerous marketplaces.

With a flexible, discreet and tidy approach, experienced engineers can install the latest technology and provide access to services such as Freeview with minimal disruption.

To find out more about office television installation contact the Aerial Services team to day or give us a call on 020 7582 8888 for an informal discussion about the options.

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Roll up televisions, better access to Apple services and even bigger screens could all be in the offing according to the world’s biggest tech show.

The Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place every January, has been giving an insight into what people across the world can expect from tech gadgets.

Television is always a firm favourite being one of the most popular technology items on the market.

So what can we expect to see happen to our screens in the years to come?

TV on the go

The ambitious roll-up television bought to the CES show by LG last year is a step closer to being a reality in homes as the creation is now being made for consumers and is due to go on the market later this year.

This could certainly solve some issues on where and when to watch the TV if you can just roll it up and take it with you!

Size remains a major theme when it comes to television as viewers seek a cinema-style experience from the comfort of their own homes.

All of the major television manufacturers had large-scale screens on show ranging from 75in to 219in in size – and boasting maximum spec visuals.

Every detail counts

LG again stole the limelight with its Organic LED (OLED) technology that can be transparent and featured on a screen that doubled as the speaker with sound co-ordinated to movement.

Samsung went biggest of all at the show, creating ‘The Wall’ a whopping 219-inch screen, made up of smaller modular screens.

Picture quality continues to be a key focus with more options being rolled out for 8k television and a lot of behind the scenes work to develop LED technology that delivers pinpoint accuracy and a real depth of colour.

More choice

While 8k televisions and roll-up screens are now within the grasp of some wealthier tech fans, there is good news for the wider television community too.

The show saw the announcement that Samsung would be adding iTunes to its television sets from Spring this year, which will give viewers even more choice when it comes to downloading videos and TV shows.

For advice on improving your picture quality with a new aerial or for help installing a new television contact Aerial Services.

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The festive feast of fantastic TV may not quite be behind us yet but it is always good to know that even more excellent television entertainment lies in store in the year ahead.

With some big hitters due to return to the screens in 2019 it promises to be a good year for television.

So make sure you have a television that brings optimal enjoyment, your aerial won’t let you down and that you have access to the channels you need ready for 2019’s best most exciting offerings.

Top TV shows for 2019 

It goes without saying that the hotly anticipated return of Game of Thrones will be big news. The final instalment – season 8 – is due on screens in April 2019 on Sky Atlantic and with just six episodes left this final chapter will certainly leave a gap in fans’ viewing pleasure.

Peaky Blinders is another major hit that will be gracing our screens once more with season five due to appear on BBC One instead of BBC Two thanks to its popularity, although the exact date is unknown.

Royal drama The Crown is expected to make a long-awaited appearance on Netflix at some point in the year, while cult-hit Stranger Things will hopefully see a release in the summer of 2019.

The excellent True Detective is also due to make an over-due comeback in 2019 on Sky Atlantic along with Big Little Lies.

Meanwhile it will be the end of an era for fans of spy drama Homeland, which airs on Channel 4, with the final episode due for release in 2019.

Formula 1 shift

Fans of Formula 1 may well be disappointed to lose free coverage of the sport after Channel 4’s deal ended, although highlights and the British Grand Prix will still be shown on the terrestrial channel.

As the year unfolds more excitement will no doubt be unveiled through Champions League and FA Cup fixtures.

The standards of television entertainment continue to reach for ever greater quality, so it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy – and make sure you have the right equipment in place.

For advice on installing Sky or Freeview, having a new television fitted or upgrading your aerial get in touch with Aerial Services today.

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It’s that time of year again when television companies pull out all the stops to win viewers over as they hunker down for some family time at home over the Christmas period.

From the beginning of December TV channels will be upping their game with seasonal shows, films and new dramas.

What are predicted to be the Christmas TV highlights for 2018?

BBC One is happy to oblige with the quality it is known for – and a welcome commitment to tradition, which sees a Julia Donaldson novel yet again given a sumptuous transformation for families. This year it is the popular story of dragon-in-training Zog that will take centre stage.

Fans of a good crime drama will not want to miss John Malcovich starring as Hercule Poirot in The ABC Murders along with Rupert Grinch on the same channel.

Another David Walliams book is being given the television treatment as The Midnight Gang is scheduled in for a Christmas appearance on BBC One, while Doctor Who will again be given the festive treatment with a Christmas Special planned.

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing will be given a treat as the show also reappears for a Christmas special.

Bake Off fans missing the weekly challenges can expect the Channel 4 hit show to return with a Christmas Great British Bake Off special.

Netflix should win over fans of Games of Thrones with an adaptation of another story by creator George R R Martin – Nightflyers. This story focuses on a trip to the outer reaches of the solar system to find alien life.

Meanwhile Sky will be showing the final series of hit show Fortitude in the run-up to Christmas.

Get started early

For those who cannot wait to get started on the Christmas films this year has even seen the launch of a dedicated Christmas channel – True Christmas – which is available on Freeview 62, Sky 319, Virgin 424 and Freesat 302.

Final schedules and timings for Christmas TV shows in 2018 are still to be set so expect a few more future favourites to be added to this year’s Christmas television highlights.

In the meantime check your television set-up offers all you need to allow you to enjoy the best of the festive TV.

If you are interested in adding Sky or Freeview or have concerns about the reception from your aerial get in touch with Aerial Services, who will be happy to help.

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Many people might still be unsure exactly what 4K TV is all about but in the world of technology there is no room for standing still as the 8k television is already being raved about.

In the summer Samsung revealed the Q900 8K QLED TV at the IFA electrical consumer show in Berlin to much interest and excitement.

What is 8K TV?

8K television is an ultra high definition system that boasts four times as many pixels as 4K TV, offering the prospect of unrivalled quality. With large TV sets being in vogue this will be a real boost for picture quality.

But it is not just the pixels that are pushing TV technology forward with Samsung’s more affordable 8K television, which should now be available to buy. It offers an intelligent take on TV quality by using artificial intelligence to update the processor and constantly improve image quality with the latest developments.

Is there any 8K content to view?

Of course the problem with all these cutting edge advances is that the content isn’t really there yet. While 4k content remains fairly thin on the ground, 8K content is apparently non-existent. The concept is one thing but exciting as that is, content is king. What after all is a TV with nothing to watch on it?

HD has taken some considerable time to provide a wide range of content, while you only have to look at the enduring popularity of non-Blu-ray DVDs to see that cost and accessibility to content remain the key to a viewer’s heart.

But while dedicated 8K content may not be available just yet Samsung’s 8K offering will bring added sound definition and exquisite detail to content currently available.

Despite the lack of dedicated content these are clearly exciting times for television technology and the quest for ever greater quality that will bring top TV content to life – when it is available.

In the meantime enjoy the bumper crop of quality television that has sprung up on the BBC this autumn at no extra cost thanks to Freeview.

For more information about installing Freeview, improving the reception of your television or having a new television set installed get in touch with Aerial Services today.