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We Brits love TV. There’s nothing we like more than cracking open a box set on a rainy Sunday afternoon and ‘vegging’ out in front of the box. Fortunately in the UK we make lots of great TV and we also get the pick of the crop stateside as well. For this blog we thought we would look at the top 5 most popular TV series in the UK at the moment to see what’s floating our boat:


At number 1 we have ‘Games of Thrones’. This tale about nine noble families fighting for the mythical land of Westeros has had us enthralled from day one. Serving up a large slice of political and sexual intrigue, Games of Thrones contains all the thrills, spills, backstabbing, lies, deceit, power struggles and spectacle we like in our dramas.

Currently airing on Channel 4 ‘Humans’ is set in a parallel present where every busy family must have a ‘Synth’ to help them do the chores. Synths are human-like robotic servants that have been made to serve humans but some have been given ideas far beyond their station. Exploring ideas of identity, the human experience and relationships with our robotic counterparts, Humans is currently proving to be one of Channel 4’s most popular TV series.

At number 3 we have ‘Sherlock’. This modern adaption of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories is set in a 21st century London that is teeming with the types of complex crimes and mysteries that the famous Sherlock Holmes loves to solve. Assisted by his amiable sidekick Dr Watson, the pair set about the task of solving the countries most puzzling crimes. Sherlock Holmes has always been a popular character portrayed numerous times on our screens and this modern adaption is a worldwide hit.

Programme Name: Doctor Who - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Embargoed for publication until: 19/10/2013 - Picture Shows: **EMBARGOED FOR USE UNTIL 00:01hrs SATURDAY 19th OCTOBER** PLEASE NOTE This is from archive material to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. THIS IMAGE IS NOT FROM THE ACTUAL 50th ANNIVERSARY EPISODE. The Doctor (WILLIAM HARTNELL), The Doctor (PATRICK TROUGHTON), The Doctor (JON PERTWEE), The Doctor (TOM BAKER), The Doctor (PETER DAVISON), The Doctor (COLIN BAKER), The Doctor (SYLVESTER McCOY), The Doctor (PAUL McGANN), Doctor (CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON), The Doctor (DAVID TENNANT), The Doctor (MATT SMITH) - (C) BBC - Photographer: various

Coming in at number 4 we have ‘Doctor Who’. This enduring tale about a time traveller who travels through space and time in a blue police box has been delighting audiences since the 1960s and this modern-take continues to captivate viewers across the world. Encountering many different worlds, aliens, and villains during his travels, the irrepressible and ever-regenerating ‘Doctor’ and his changing companions fight evil wherever they go.


At number 5 we have ‘Hell on Wheels’ which follows the exploits of Cullen Bohannon, a former soldier and slaveholder, who is following the tracks of a group of Union soldiers who were responsible for killing his wife. Facing an America that is going through radical change, the building of the railway and the contrasts of the wild west and an east that is modernising at a pace, we follow Cullen on his journey.

If you haven’t caught any of these programmes yet, then maybe it’s time you tuned in. And where better to watch them than on the very latest 4K TV models where you can watch TV the way it is supposed to be watched – with crystal clear clarity and world-beating sound quality.

If you want to find out more about 4K TV and subscription TV services, please contact us now.

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If you are a property developer in the process of developing properties for multiple occupancies then an IRS system (Integrated Reception System) is the ideal choice for giving the occupants access to terrestrial and satellite television services.

With a single antenna, you can supply all the homes on the same site, eliminate the need for individual TV aerials and satellite dishes and give all your residents access to excellent TV reception.

Most of the big property development and house building companies are now incorporating communal TV systems as standard. Communal aerial antennae are similar in size to domestic aerials and they are receiving only. They can easily be located out of sight on the top of building development or somewhere else unobtrusive so that is not an eyesore.

The benefits of IRS for property developers are numerous and include:

#1. It gives all the occupants access to the free channels and satellite channels they may want.
#2. The occupants have to take out their own subscriptions for satellite TV so as a developer you are not involved.
#4. Having one antenna will make the visual appearance of your property development more appealing.
#5. IRS systems are very reliable and maintenance costs are low.
#6. IRS systems can easily be integrated with other systems such as CCTV and Broadband.
#7. Having an IRS system will improve the marketability of your property development because purchasers know that they can just move in and watch TV without having to get an aerial erected.

Aerial Service are experts in IRS systems so if you have a property development that needs to have a communal TV aerial and wireless access points. If you need advice about the best way of managing the installation, then please get in touch. We would be happy to help.

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If you’re currently having trouble with your satellite dish or the signal isn’t as good as you’d like it to be, it may be time you considered an upgrade, especially if you want to enjoy all the benefits of HD satellite channels.

Upgrading your satellite dish

Over time, satellite dishes can be damaged by bad weather and result in poor signal performance. If this is the case then please get in touch and we’d be happy to take a look at it for you. If you are getting a bad signal it might be a simple case of re-positioning the dish and we will look at this option before going for a replacement. However, if you’ve had your satellite dish a long time then it’s likely that general wear and tear is what’s causing the problem and a replacement dish is probably your best option.

Replacement satellite dishes are available in aluminium, plastic, mesh and steel. Plastic and mesh satellite dishes tend to be the most expensive and they are more durable. Steel dishes are the cheapest and tend to be more prone to the elements than plastic or mesh.

It is possible to erect and install a replacement dish yourself but unless you know what you’re doing then it can be a time consuming, complicated and frustrating process. There are also the health and safety implications to think about because you’re likely to be working at a height. We would always advise you to use a professional aerial installer so that you can have peace of mind that the job is being done properly and that all the relevant insurances are covered.

If you think you may need a replacement satellite dish and would like a professional opinion, then please get in touch. We would be happy to help.

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Lights that automatically turn on when you walk into a room and turn themselves off when you leave, all your audio devices controlled by one app and curtains that can be drawn with a touch of a button. These are things that home automation can give you and now that this technology is more commonplace and prices are coming down, home automation is no longer just for the rich and famous, it is becoming much more mainstream.


Home automation is the integration of systems inside the home and this can include audio, video, TV, lighting, security, telephone, internet and much more. These can be controlled by a single wall panel, a remote control or through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Particularly popular in the world of home automation is the audio and visual experience. At a touch of button you can play music, watch a film, dim the lights, close the curtains and sit back and enjoy the experience.

Increasingly, home automation is becoming more accessible to the homeowner and areas such as lighting, audio, video, security and climate control are features that consumers want to control in the most convenient way possible.

Solutions that perfectly complement your home and are designed to fit in with the way you live your life are the order of the day. The way we spend our leisure time and how simple we can make that experience is becoming more important to the discerning consumer and home automation is one of those services that ticks all the right boxes.

To find out more about home automation and how you can benefit then please contact us now.

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The quick answer to this is yes. Rather than having Sky multiroom where you would need 2 sky satellite receivers and have to pay for 2 subscriptions, it’s possible to take a feed from your Sky box and run it into different rooms of your house. That is the beauty of Home AV!

This means you can watch Sky in any room of the house and you only have to pay 1 subscription. There is nothing illegal about doing this and in fact, Sky put a separate RF output on the back of their boxes to let you do this.

  • Greater viewing flexibility

This gives you great viewing flexibility and regardless of how many televisions you have in your home, you could all be watching something different. Somebody may be watching Sky in the lounge, whilst another member of your family could be watching a DVD in another room and somebody else may be watching Freeview or playing a video game. Anything is possible!

  • Control Sky from any room

We can even set it up so that you can control the Sky system from any room you happen to be in. We can do this by connecting a ‘magic eye’ to you system. The ‘magic eye’ is an infra-red sensor that allows you to control your Sky box from different rooms using your Sky remote.

To find out more about Sky boxes and watching Sky in any room of your home then please give us a call. We would be happy to talk you through the options available.

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From viewing digital television on new devices to a staggering range of new online services, massive changes have swept across television in the past decade. The way we consume content has changed dramatically and with it has many of our viewing habits.

digital tv

With the right set-up families can now watch TV in a variety of different rooms, with everybody watching something different if they want. The ability to pre-plan what you are going to watch, to pause and rewind live TV and skip through adverts are all features that Sky and Virgin Media users now take for granted.

Watching catch up TV through tablets and subscribing to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime has also coined a new type of behaviour – box set binging. TV shows such as Breaking Bad, Games of Thrones and House of Cards have become incredibly popular with many avid viewers being hooked.

More choice and greater technology

Services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have shown that there is a huge appetite for different ways of viewing television. In addition, the rise of the smartphone and tablet has changed the way we watch TV and we are now more in control of what we can watch and not tied down to TV schedules.

When you combine all of this with how televisions have developed over the last decade then these are exciting times for the TV industry. We now have more choice and greater technology in which to watch it on. Smart TVs , Ultra HD, 3DTV and 4K TV now gives us the option to watch all our favourite programmes when we want with the best picture and sound quality available. It’s a compelling combination!

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There is no doubt that subscription streaming services are becoming very popular in the UK with the two major players being Netflix and Amazon. For a monthly subscription fee both of these give you access to a large quantity of content which you can stream to a variety of devices such as smart TVs, tablets and PCs.

So, if you are fed up of countless repeats and can never find anything to watch on your normal channels then Netflix or Amazon may just be what you’re looking for but how do you choose between the two?

To be honest, there aren’t vast differences between what they both offer so your choice is likely to be down to personal taste. They both charge £5.99 a month and they stream to the same types of devices – Smart TV, PC. Mac, PS3 and PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Blu-ray players, and Android.



Netflix offers a strong mix of popular US TV series and British shows and it has also started creating its own content such as the highly successful ‘House of Cards.’ Other extremely popular series that have been shown through Netflix include Breaking Bad, Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black.

The types of films available through Netflix tend to be 2 or more years old with Amazon giving you access to more films that are a bit more recent.


Popular TV shows through Amazon are The Vikings, Crossing Lines and Extant but these have not been heralded as much as Breaking Bad or House of Cards on Netflix. Where Amazon does score well is on its quantity of children’s shows and the fact that you can bundle your subscription together with Amazon Prime which offers a number of other incentives.

The Best of Both Worlds!

So, in summary, if you can afford both then get both; this will give you access to the best of both worlds. And to get the most out of your viewing experience then treating yourself to a Smart TV installation might be called for!

To find out more about TV subscription services and Smart TV installation then please get in touch. We would be happy to help.

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The quality of your HDTV signal will be highly dependent on the positioning of your aerial and every home is a bit different in this respect. For your home the best position might be the roof, your loft, on top of your garage and any number of other places. This is when it pays to engage the services of an experienced aerial installer who has an instinct about these things!

HD TV Aerial
One of the most important factors for positioning your HDTV aerial is height. Generally, the higher you can go, the better your TV reception will be. For outdoor aerials this will mean testing out spots on your roof or garage and for indoor aerials it often means positioning the aerial appropriately in the loft.

The direction of your aerial is also important. If you know where the broadcast towers are in your area then it makes sense to direct your aerial towards their location. Doing this will enable you to get a stronger reception.

Obstructions between your aerial and the broadcast tower can also be problematical sometimes. Large trees and big buildings can both affect your TV signal and picture quality so the more you can do to position and direct your aerial to avoid these obstructions then the better the signal you will get.

How to speed up the process

If you are trying to erect an aerial yourself a lot of this can be trial and error, very time consuming and not to mention dangerous, especially if you are trying to erect an aerial on the roof. At Aerial Services we have many years experience in installing HDTV aerials and we can make the whole process a lot quicker and easier for you.

To find out more about HDTV aerials and to book an installation then please contact us now.

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4K TV is the next generation of televisions that are now available. Also known as ultra HD or UHD the television picture quality is a staggering four times the detail of HD making your viewing experience the best it has ever been.

A 4K ultra HD TV picture is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, giving you more than 8 million pixels in total, which is four times the number in ‘normal’ high-definition televisions. In fact, there’s so much fantastic detail and depth in the picture quality that it can sometimes feel that you are watching it in 3D but without the need for special glasses!

Most of the big brands are now making 4K TVs such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Sony with prices starting from £1000 to much more depending on how advanced you want to go.

4K TVs tend to be big screen models of 40-inches or over so that you can get the most of the superb picture quality.

Upscaling HD picture quality

Whilst there are no 4K TV channels at the moment, it’s only a matter of time before this happens. Netflix has already started showing programmes in 4K such as popular series like Breaking Bad and House of Cards and 4K Blu-ray discs will be with us by Christmas 2015.

Buying a 4K TV now will upscale the quality of programmes that are currently in HD and you will get to enjoy the best quality viewing experience that technology can give you. Once there is more 4K content available then you will be able to enjoy it in all its glory!

To find out more about 4K TVs and to discuss how best to install a 4K TV and what kind of aerial will give you the best reception then please contact us now.

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Aerial Services offer an extensive service for all your Freeview aerial requirements. Whether you need advice about Freeview aerials or simply looking for a Freeview installation then we are here to help you.

All of our engineers are highly experienced and trained and over the years we have built a strong reputation for providing expert Freeview aerial installation throughout the Midlands.

Since the digital switch over in 2012 it has become crucial for people to have aerials installed that are ready for digital reception. Old analogue television aerials no longer work with digital channels like Freeview so if you want to get the most from your Freeview channels then it’s time to have a digital aerial installed.


Freeview Aerial Installation

Your new Freeview compatible aerial will be installed by one of our professional engineers who will explain how everything works and set up your digital receiver as part of the installation process

Whether you are looking for a paid digital TV subscription such as Sky+ or only want to receive Freeview channels, your new aerial will be capable of receiving any digital signal available to your area.

We can help you with traditional roof installations or install the aerial in your loft depending on your requirements. We can also discreetly hide the cables so that everything looks neat and tidy.

How to get a strong digital TV signal

In order to receive a strong digital TV signal you will need a digital TV aerial and a TV with Freeview already installed or a Freeview box which is standalone and separate from the TV.

At Aerial Services we have access to the very latest digital TV aerial equipment and even if you are in a poor signal area we will be able to help you.

We can install your new Freeview aerial together with all the fittings and brackets required at a highly competitive price so that you can get the most from your Freeview Channels. Please contact us now if you need any help with an installation.