The quick answer to this is yes. Rather than having Sky multiroom where you would need 2 sky satellite receivers and have to pay for 2 subscriptions, it’s possible to take a feed from your Sky box and run it into different rooms of your house. That is the beauty of Home AV!

This means you can watch Sky in any room of the house and you only have to pay 1 subscription. There is nothing illegal about doing this and in fact, Sky put a separate RF output on the back of their boxes to let you do this.

  • Greater viewing flexibility

This gives you great viewing flexibility and regardless of how many televisions you have in your home, you could all be watching something different. Somebody may be watching Sky in the lounge, whilst another member of your family could be watching a DVD in another room and somebody else may be watching Freeview or playing a video game. Anything is possible!

  • Control Sky from any room

We can even set it up so that you can control the Sky system from any room you happen to be in. We can do this by connecting a ‘magic eye’ to you system. The ‘magic eye’ is an infra-red sensor that allows you to control your Sky box from different rooms using your Sky remote.

To find out more about Sky boxes and watching Sky in any room of your home then please give us a call. We would be happy to talk you through the options available.