Love Island was certainly popular but for some families these all-consuming shows can be a real bone of contention when the love isn’t shared.

Whether it is keeping up to date with the latest soap opera, a fascination with crime dramas, watching any and every sport there is or obsessing over 24 news, television tastes can be very divisive.

Television plays a huge part in family life. The kids want to keep up to date with what their friends are watching, we want to chill out and put our feet up after a long day at work – but really want we want to be able to do is relax and enjoy time together as a family, not spend time rowing over who has the remote control.

Who is in control?

While family film nights snuggled up on the sofa together are one of life’s simple pleasures, this is more of an occasion. The day-to-day all too often sees a survival of the fittest mentality when it comes to TV viewing (or more specifically whoever gets there first and hangs onto the remote control).

If you are sick of solving squabbles, or the screen being dominated by shows that you just don’t enjoy, it is time to consider adding extra TV points to your home.  Even if you just add one more TV set that could theoretically halve the broadcasting battles.

Just because there was a TV point in the lounge when you moved in doesn’t mean television points cannot be added to other rooms – and with options such as Sky multi-room no-one needs to miss out.

Choose extra TV points for the easy life

In fact adding a television point to another room is surprisingly simple – usually this can be done just by adding a splitter to your existing aerial and running the cable to the room where the new television set will be.

This will allow two (or more rooms) to access Freeview without any hassle – and you can say goodbye to those battles for the remote control (well hopefully!).

An engineer from Aerial Services will be able to test the strength of your signal and install the splitting unit for you. With the new found freedom of TV choice you will wonder why you waited so long.

To find out more about adding additional rooms to your Sky package get in touch.