If you are a property developer in the process of developing properties for multiple occupancies then an IRS system (Integrated Reception System) is the ideal choice for giving the occupants access to terrestrial and satellite television services.

With a single antenna, you can supply all the homes on the same site, eliminate the need for individual TV aerials and satellite dishes and give all your residents access to excellent TV reception.

Most of the big property development and house building companies are now incorporating communal TV systems as standard. Communal aerial antennae are similar in size to domestic aerials and they are receiving only. They can easily be located out of sight on the top of building development or somewhere else unobtrusive so that is not an eyesore.

The benefits of IRS for property developers are numerous and include:

#1. It gives all the occupants access to the free channels and satellite channels they may want.
#2. The occupants have to take out their own subscriptions for satellite TV so as a developer you are not involved.
#4. Having one antenna will make the visual appearance of your property development more appealing.
#5. IRS systems are very reliable and maintenance costs are low.
#6. IRS systems can easily be integrated with other systems such as CCTV and Broadband.
#7. Having an IRS system will improve the marketability of your property development because purchasers know that they can just move in and watch TV without having to get an aerial erected.

Aerial Service are experts in IRS systems so if you have a property development that needs to have a communal TV aerial and wireless access points. If you need advice about the best way of managing the installation, then please get in touch. We would be happy to help.