If the wind is howling a gale outside or there’s heavy snow and your TV reception is playing up then there’s a good chance that the two are connected. Bad weather such as gale-force winds, heavy snow and even heavy rain can sometimes disrupt your TV aerial services when they are being delivered through satellite.

In extreme weather conditions, the elements can actually physically damage your satellite dish and it can certainly disrupt your satellite signal. Heavy snow conditions can also cause large build-ups of snow on your dish which can result in the satellite dish becoming misaligned and you losing your signal altogether.

bad wealther aerial services

How bad weather can affect TV reception

In bad weather conditions, you may lose some but not all your TV channels and distortion in sound and picture is also possible. Extreme weather causes the satellite signal to weaken because the rain or snow diffuses transmission power and absorbs energy from the satellite signal which, in turn, has a detrimental effect on the quality of the service and impacts your TV reception.

However, none of this should put you off purchasing and enjoying satellite services. Extreme weather conditions of the kind that can disrupt your TV viewing are pretty rare and if the worse does happen then the team at Aerial Services are here to help.

If you think that bad weather has affected your TV reception then we can send one of our team to see if your dish has become misaligned and we will also do a diagnostic test to see if any other problems such as birds damaging the aerial or general digital issues.

For any problems with your TV reception then please do not hesitate to give us a call.