The nights are getting darker and colder meaning one thing: more TV and more films.

Yet while our appetite for watching the latest block-busters and binge-watching TV series after TV series goes unabated, two fairly mainstream services shut their doors recently.

Both LoveFilm and the BBC Store called it a day just as we entered into prime television watching territory with the onset of winter.

One thing this development highlights more than anything is the speed of technological change. The change in the formats that we watch television and films has moved swiftly.

Out with the old, in with the new

Younger generations will never have the disappointment of picking up a video from the rental shop that the person before forgot to unwind, never mind popping in a top-loading tape.

In some homes, fully switched on to the digital revolution, youngsters might not even be familiar with the DVD that won’t play thanks to sticky fingerprints.

Streaming, digital downloads and cable TV are certainly our technology of choice at this point in time.

Although Netflix was created in 1997, it took some considerable time before it became part and parcel of everyday life. Now with wider, faster bandwidth and a dedication to creating its own quality productions, Netflix has become a leader in TV and film media.

The sheer convenience of a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, or an on-demand service such as Sky TV, has pushed aside services such as LoveFilm as television viewing has become an all in one package.

Content is available at the push of a button for all the family – at a set charge. Unless of course you want to watch the latest film release, but then that is easy to download from Amazon or iTunes or to watch on Sky Movies.

Top quality viewing has never been more accessible or affordable. And it could be here where the BBC Store fell short. The iPlayer service is fantastic – and it’s free, so it is a great way to catch up on the BBC’s repeatedly quality productions in the short-term.

But with monthly payments going out for Amazon Prime, Sky or Netflix, consumers are happy to wait until a television series or film is available at no extra cost – after all there is always something else just as captivating to watch.

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