One thing is for certain the devil is certainly in the details when it comes to television technology.

tv wall mounting

HD, ultra HD and now 4k televisions all vie to catch our attention – or more specifically to catch our attention and keep us mesmerised by the intricate details they display on our television.

Picture quality and attention to detail has transformed the home viewing experience, particularly for films and sports, where greater depth of presentation allows for a more immersive experience and brings the programme to life.

Bring the screen to life

The main selling point of the 4k TV over previous HD models is the huge leap it offers in picture quality. The resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 means the picture benefits from a massive number of pixels to deliver phenomenal details on screen.

In addition to this 4k TV brings more intense colours and a faster frame delivery to TV viewing.

Obviously 4k TV can only be experienced at its best when displaying 4k content – so where does this come from?

Where to watch 4k TV content

At the moment 4k content is still only available in limited form. Netflix 4k, Sky Q, Amazon Prime and YouTube all have 4k content available, while 4k Blu-ray players are available as films are increasing being shot in 4k.

While content may still be at a fledgling stage, there has been a big shift toward 4k TV content as the technology offers a solid foot forwards that is likely to remain at the cutting edge of home entertainment for some time.

Not all 4k television sets are created equal though and just because a set boasts high end technology does not mean it is a sure fire winner – quality is still key. So do your research, shop round and – quite importantly – see what will suit your home before taking the plunge and investing in the latest 4k TV experience.

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