The most popular method of achieving this is by using a Matrix which acts as a combiner for multiple items of HD source equipment such as Sky boxes, BluRay players, satellite receivers or Apple TVs.

It works by accommodating several HDMI inputs, combining the signals together and then distributing them from Cat5/6 outputs.

The higher spec models also distribute Ethernet which is very useful for Smart TVs which rely on a stable internet connection.

However there is a whole scale of HD distribution equipment, the larger Matrix systems can accommodate up to 16 separate HD inputs but it’s also possible to attach a transmitter balun to a single Sky box just for one TV which is hugely popular.

What we offer

Sky HDTV distribution LondonAerial Services was created in 1968 and we have followed and embraced each twist in the advancement of TV related technology as it’s happened; we’ve carefully examined the world of AV to find out what it offers for our customers and while some of the technology available now is truly remarkable we are firm believers in the benefits of simplicity.

Our team have experimented and tested AV equipment for years in an effort to present sensible user friendly systems to both our existing and new customers.

While we offer Matrix systems for whole house conversions, one of our most requested services today is simply relocating a customer’s existing SkyQ box to a cupboard, hanging a TV screen on the Living room wall and connecting it up to work in HD.

After all, it doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to do what you want it to!