canal plus - watch French TV in UK

There are two main methods of receiving French TV which both involve using a dish aligned to the Astra satellite at 19 degrees east.

Canal+ is the main broadcaster in France showing a wide range of channels including Ligue 1 football as part of the Sports package and also the main French Movie channels. However Canal+ subscriptions are limited to French residents living in France.

Can I watch French TV in the UK and London?

However the TNT package offers a great alternative to Canal+ with a selection of some of the most popular mainstream channels for French people living away from home TF1, France2, France3, France4, France5, M6, Arte and even Canal+ content at certain times.

In order to receive TNT you will require a satellite dish aligned to the Astra satellite, a cable from the dish down to your TV and a satellite receiver with a TNT viewing card. Our experienced engineers will come to your home to assess how an installation could be carried out.

Book your French satellite installation

Once we’ve seen your individual requirement we will order you a viewing card and arrange a convenient appointment time to return to carry out the work. Our team are experts in roof installations as well as “hidden” installations on listed buildings and in Conservation areas.

So if you’re interested in French satellite please give us a call today to discuss it with one of the team.

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