Freesat is a similar service to Freeview as there is no contract, no monthly bill and it provides around 85 digital channels including the standard terrestrial stations, E4, More4, Film4, BBC News, Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN.

In order to receive Freesat you will require a satellite dish and either a Freesat box or an integrated Freesat TV such as the Panasonic Viera.

There are now also two HD channels available on Freesat, BBC and ITVHD. In order to view these stations you will need an HD TV and either an HD Freesat box or an integrated Freesat HDTV.

Freesat also offer a box with a built in hard drive for recording although this requires two cables to be run from the dish rather than one. Freesat can be an excellent alternative option to Freeview, especially in areas where terrestrial reception via a conventional aerial is restricted by adjacent buildings or trees etc.

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