sky installation London

In order to view Sky you will require a satellite dish and Sky receiver at your home.

At Aerial Services we specialize in discreet roof mounted dish installations, in comparison to other companies who find it acceptable to fit a dish above your front door or partially obscuring your living room window.

In order to view Sky you will require a satellite dish and Sky receiver in your home.

As Sky agents we will take care of all the arrangements from ordering your viewing card to finally connecting up your TV and demonstrating to you how to use your new equipment. Sky packages range in cost from £21.50 to £63.50 a month depending on your viewing preference, with additional charges for HD and Box Office events.

Sky HD boxes have a built in hard drive and two tuners which not only allow you to pause and rewind live TV, but also to record and store over a hundred hours of programmes which will revolutionize the way you watch TV forever.

You can have as many Sky boxes in your home as you want but extra viewing cards for them will cost an additional £10 a month per box. Alternatively we can design and install a bespoke system where Sky can be viewed in multiple rooms using just one receiver.

The limitation of this set up is that just one Sky channel can be viewed at a time, but by using an infrared sensor at each TV, full control of the Sky box can be achieved from any room.

Sky also provide a range of interactive functions as well as their award winning phone and broadband services of up to 20MB a month. Sky Talk Weekends and Sky Broadband Everyday Lite can be purchased from as little as £14.50 per month including line rental.

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