Extra TV aerial point installation with TV aerial splitter

Extra TV points for Freeview can often be installed by fitting a weatherproof outdoor splitter unit to your existing aerial and simply running a cable to the new location(s).

Installing a splitter will slightly weaken your TV signal so we carry out a signal test prior to the work to ensure that it will not affect your viewing.

Should your signal not be strong enough to allow additional points, it may be possible to install an internal or external amplifier or a second aerial. In either case, our engineers carry everything they need to do a professional job at the first visit.

Extra points for Sky can either be run direct from your dish, in which case you will need additional Sky boxes, or from the back of your Sky receiver. Control of the receiver can be obtained using a discreet infra red sensor at other positions around the house.

Whatever system you have in your home, we can send a professional engineer to discuss your requirements who will be able to suggest a method of achieving them.

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