Enjoy unrivalled entertainment in your home or business with Sky Q installation by Aerial Services.

The way we watch TV has changed a lot over the years. Sky+ was a revolution for entertainment, making it possible for viewers to break free from the schedule and enjoy TV in their own time. Sky Q takes this one step further, offering a comprehensive entertainment package that can be enjoyed in multiple rooms in the home without a drop in quality. To start enjoying Sky Q in your home or business, you need a Sky Q installation expert like Aerial Services.

What is Sky Q?

Sky Q is a unique entertainment on-demand service. Instead of relying on live TV or manual recording, you can take control of the schedule and play what you want when you want. At the core of the Sky Q service is a Sky Q Box with a 1TB or 2TB harddrive. That’s enough space to store 500 hours of TV. Your Sky Q Silver box connects via cables to your satellite. Mini Sky Q boxes can then be placed throughout the home or business to offer multiple Sky viewing points.

Sky Q can be used in residential homes, blocks of flats or apartments, and in commercial settings. The Sky Q viewing experience is unique in that it brings together Sky channels with high-quality video streaming platforms. Instead of navigating between apps, to find the TV show or film you are looking for, Sky Q allows you to navigate one platform and see everything in one place. A voice controlled remote also makes it easier to find what you want to watch.

Sky Q Installation Services

The installation process will depend on your current set up. If you do not have a satellite dish, one will need to be installed. If you live in an apartment block or flat, there may be a shared satellite with a connection point in your home. And if you are upgrading from Sky+ you will need to upgrade your box to a Sky Q Box. We will help you to determine the best course of action to get your Sky Q box up and running.

When you decide to switch to Sky Q, you will be sent a viewing card in the post. You need to wait for this to arrive before you can move forward with the installation. You will also need to decide how many viewing points you require and if additional cables need to be installed. If you are switching from Sky+ to Sky Q, you may only have one existing cable. Adding another cable will help to boost performance.

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