Aerial Services If you can’t or don’t want to install a rooftop aerial, you can use an indoor TV aerial to get the most from your Freeview channels. The location of your home, the position where the aerial is placed and the size of the buildings around your home will affect the signal so this will need to be taken into consideration. Let’s see what you can do to setup an indoor aerial and get the best picture.

Here is our guide to setting up the best indoor aerial

    1. 1. First of all, select the most suitable aerial for your home. Indoor aerials are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Opt for popular indoor aerials if you want to increase the chances of great reception. It is also a good idea to ask the supplier whether you can return the aerial if it doesn’t work for you because it can sometimes be a bit of trial and error.


    1. 2. Once you have an indoor aerial it is time to set it up. Simply put the cable in the back of the television or set top box. Don’t forget that there are multidirectional aerials, but the majority of them will need to be positioned in vertical or horizontal alignment to start working. You can use the experience of your neighbours to guide you– check their rooftop aerials and notice their direction.


    1. 3. Next, you should place the indoor aerial to achieve the best reception. Find some of the popular channels and start going around your home with the aerial in your hand to determine the best position. According to many aerial specialists, the best position is to place them close to a window at a height of 160-180 cm. If the windows are far from the TV, you will need to use extension leads.


    1. 4. Digital TV channels are mixed in six separate bundles also known as multiplexes which are available on different frequencies so you will need to take some time to find the right frequency.


  1. 5. Finally, once you determine the best position for your aerial, you need to fix this position so that the signal remains constant.


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