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Need support with aerial installation in Brockley? Or help with a repair to boost your reception? Contact local experts Aerial Services now.

Aerial installation support in Brockley

For over five decades, Aerial Services has been proudly serving the residents of Brockley, SE4, catering to all their aerial installation and repair needs. Whether you’re facing issues with a faulty aerial, struggling with poor reception, or seeking an upgrade, we are here to assist you.

Our team of skilled and professional engineers specialises in installing a wide range of TV aerials for both digital and analogue signals, including satellite dishes. Additionally, we provide reliable repair services for existing systems, ensuring optimal signal quality and addressing any faults or problems with the aerial itself.

At Aerial Services, we understand the significance of uninterrupted TV signal, which is why we aim to offer a same-day service where possible. Our engineers are trained to the highest standards, and all installations come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

Whether you require routine aerial maintenance or an upgrade, Aerial Services is committed to delivering a dependable and efficient service that exceeds your expectations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today with any inquiries you may have. We take pride in ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our customers, and you can trust us to execute a first-class job.

Want to experience crystal clear reception? Call Aerial Services today to arrange your free callout and quote. Get ready to elevate your viewing experience.

Services we provide in Brockley, SE4

TV Aerials

We offer comprehensive assistance with all types of digital and analogue TV aerials, including freestanding and loft aerials. Our experienced team excels in installing durable and dependable indoor, outdoor, and motorised units.


If you’re encountering issues with your Freesat reception, it may be due to problems with your antenna. We install cutting-edge digital aerials that are fully compatible with Freesat throughout Brockley and the surrounding areas.

Sky TV Installations

Unleash the epitome of entertainment with our team of expert Sky TV installers in Brockley. Embark on a journey of awe-inspiring visuals with our HD, 4K, and HDR packages. Elevate your viewing experience to new heights by improving your home entertainment setup today.

Foreign Satellites

Our speciality lies in installing foreign satellites and configuring systems for channels from a diverse range of countries across the globe. Experience a vast array of TV channels from around the world with our 80cm satellite dishes.

Extra TV points

For those that require TV points in multiple rooms of their home, we offer multi-room installations. Our services include seamlessly connecting additional TVs to your existing aerial system. If desired, we can even set up an entirely new system for you.

TV Wall Mounts

To achieve a sleek and organised installation, we provide wall mount installations and booster boxes that ensure optimal reception in Brockley. Our cabling solutions are meticulously designed to maintain a tidy setup, delivering both functionality and aesthetics.

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Freeview digital TV installation

Freeview & Freesat

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Why choose Aerial Services?

Founded in 1968 by Frank Gavin, our company has been dedicated to providing exceptional aerial installation and repair services to the residents of Brockley, SE4 from the very beginning. Throughout the years, Aerial Services has established itself as a highly trusted and experienced local provider in London.

With a team of skilled specialists, we are fully equipped to handle any aerial-related job with efficiency and professionalism. We take great pride in our work, ensuring that every installation is carried out in accordance with British Standards, and guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction upon completion.

We understand that aerial installation can often be a complex process, which is why our team is always available to offer guidance and address any queries you may have. When it comes to reliable and experienced providers of aerial installations and repairs in Brockley, SE4, look no further than Aerial Services. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in accessing the services you require.

Digital TV aerial Installation in Brockley, SE4

If you’re considering upgrading your TV system in Brockley, SE4, our team of skilled engineers is here to assist you. We have extensive experience in installing a wide range of digital TV aerials, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment of your favourite shows. Our engineers will visit your property, diagnose any issues, and provide a tailored solution to meet your needs. At Aerial Services, we take pride in delivering a professional and dependable service that never disappoints. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or require assistance with an aerial installation or repair.



Do I need a New TV aerial?

When considering the suitability of your current aerial for digital TV reception in Brockley, several factors come into play. These factors include the age, condition, and any external obstructions. To assist you in finding the best solution for your property, we offer a free on-site survey. This allows us to assess your specific needs and provide recommendations based on your property.

Do TV Aerials still work in the UK?

Television aerials are still widely used in the United Kingdom, and their importance has only increased since the transition from analogue to digital TV. The wideband aerial, known for its ability to capture all available digital channels, remains the preferred choice for optimal digital reception.

Can I watch TV without an Aerial in the UK?

In the UK, it is possible to enjoy television without an aerial. You can easily access Freeview TV through your internet connection or by using satellite services such as Sky and Freesat. You will still need a TV licence, even if you don’t use an aerial.

Which aerial do I need to watch Freeview?

For optimal Freeview reception in Brockley and the surrounding areas, a wideband aerial is generally recommended. It ensures access to all available channels. Our team of skilled engineers can provide expert advice and find the best solution tailored to your property.

My TV aerial is not working, I have no signal

Check that your aerial cable is connected

Start by ensuring that your aerial cable is securely connected to both the TV and the wall socket. If it appears to be properly connected, try unplugging and reconnecting the aerial cable to address any potential issues with a weak connection.

Your TV may need to be re-tuned

If the aerial cable is properly connected, it’s possible that your TV requires re-tuning. This process involves scanning for available channels in Brockley, which can be easily done using your TV’s on-screen settings menu.

Have you relocated your aerial recently?

If your aerial has been recently relocated or installed, there is a possibility that the signal may need realignment. Our team of skilled engineers can visit your property in Brockley to ensure the signal is properly aligned, resulting in optimal reception.

Is your aerial positioned incorrectly?

The placement of your aerial can significantly affect the strength and quality of the signal. If it is poorly positioned, it may be the cause of reception issues. Our team is capable of evaluating your current setup and adjusting the aerial’s position to enhance reception in Brockley, SE4.

Your TV aerial may be faulty

It is also possible that the antenna itself is damaged and can no longer establish a stable connection. In such a scenario, we recommend replacing the faulty aerial with a new one.

About Brockley

Brockley, SE4 is a vibrant and thriving district in the London Borough of Lewisham, known for its attractive Victorian architecture and leafy open spaces. This dynamic area combines a lively arts scene with an array of eateries and independent shops, offering a unique blend of urban vibrancy and suburban tranquillity. Nestled conveniently in southeast London, Brockley provides easy access to the city centre, making it an ideal location for both professionals and families. From its splendid green parks to its bustling farmers’ markets, Brockley offers a charming local feel within the vast metropolis of London.