Operating throughout Paddington, W2. Aerial Services – Paddington have several years of experience in providing professional TV aerial installation services across Paddington and the surrounding areas.

At Aerial Services we offer both residential and commercial customers in the Paddington and surrounding areas aerial installation and repair services. If you are in Paddington and need an aerial installed or you think your aerial may be faulty then Aerial Services can identify and remedy the problem for you.
Our team of experts are on hand to offer support and advice for the installation of TV aerials as well as specialised television services such as Sky, Freesat, Sky HD and Freeview. We also offer multi-room TV setups and can advise on the best digital and TV aerials that are available so you can watch your favourite TV channels. Our team of installers are fully equipped to deal with both indoor and outdoor new aerial installations and to remedy problems with existing setups.
Because we are a specialist aerial installation company we can give you advice as to the best products and aerial placement for your individual needs. You can trust Aerial Services in Paddington, W2 to solve any problems if you are looking to get a new TV package or if you are unhappy with your current TV reception. Get in touch with us today to arrange a free of charge call-out and quotation.

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About Aerial Services in Paddington

Frank Gavin founded Aerial Services in 1968 and since then we have grown to a large, professional TV aerial installation business that covers the whole of London. Our team of engineers always carry CSCS Cards and ID badges and are always polite when they attend a customers property.

We pride ourselves on a personalised and professional service from your initial enquiry to the final installation of your aerial and we are always on hand to give you an update either by telephone or email. We are also proud to provide reasonable pricing that represents excellent value for money. If you are looking for an affordable aerial installation in Paddington, please feel free to get in touch with Aerial Services today.

Services we provide in Paddington, W2

TV Aerials

Our team provide a friendly call out service for television aerial repairs and new aerial installations which has been the main focus since the company began.

Freeview Aerials

If you are unhappy with the reception on Freeview it may be a problem with your current TV aerial. We can supply and install digital aerials that are Freeview compliant in Paddington and the surrounding areas.

Sky TV Installations

We are SKY agents and can set up SKY services in Paddington so you can have access to the latest sports, movies and TV shows.


Aerial Services can upgrade your Freesat if you are not happy with your reception, giving you access to 100+ channels through your satellite dish.

Foreign Satellites

Aerial Services can install specialist 80cm satellite dishes so you can pick up channels from overseas which can give you access to TV shows from around the world.

Extra TV Points

If you need additional TV points in your home so you can watch TV in the kitchen, bedrooms or the bathroom we can install new TV points anywhere you want them.

TV Wall Mounting

Mounting your TV on the wall can give you extra floor space and large TV’s need specialist wall mountings to ensure the TV is secure and the wall isn’t damaged. Aerial Services can provide TV wall mounting in any room in your property.

Digital TV aerial Installation in Paddington, W2

If you don’t currently have a digital TV aerial in your property Aerial Services offer a complete digital TV aerial installation service which includes a free call out and quotation so you can make the right choice for your requirements. We keep our customers fully informed from the expected arrival time to the length of time the installation will take. We always try to offer our aerial installation in Paddington on a same-day service.



Do I need a New TV aerial?
If you are unhappy with your aren’t happy with the TV reception you currently have or you are thinking of upgrading your service then you may need a new aerial. We always try to fix an existing aerial before we install a new aerial.
Do TV Aerials still work in the UK?
Although analogue TV aerials still work in the UK we do recommend that you upgrade to a digital aerial so you get the best service and reception. If you want more channels to watch then another option is to get Freeview or Freesat which will give you access to many more TV channels.
Can I watch TV without an Aerial in the UK?
If you have a smart TV then yes, it is possible to stream TV shows using your TV. Another option is to buy an Amazon Firestick or Chromecast which plugs into the HDMI port in your TV and gives you access to channels such as Netflix and Prime. You need a strong internet connection however so we do recommend using an aerial to access TV channels.
Which aerial do I need to watch Freeview?
You can use an interior aerial to access Freeview channels however we do recommend an exterior aerial pointing in the direction of the transmitter as this is more reliable.

My TV aerial is not working, I have no signal

Check that your aerial cable is connected
When your TV aerial isn’t working, the first thing you should do is double-check that the aerial wire is correctly attached to the TV. When you move your TV or someone tugs on the cable end, this can come loose. To make it easier to inspect the connections, we recommend connecting all wires to a set-top box.
Your TV may need to be re-tuned
If you’ve recently relocated, you’ll need to re-tune your television to the new location. Because the signals will change, your television will need to know what frequency to search for in order to view each channel. To find the channels again, use your TV’s auto-tune option.
Have you relocated your aerial recently?
You may suffer signal problems if your antenna has been moved from the roof to your loft since the aerial will receive a lesser signal. If possible, choose an external aerial because it will provide a better signal.
Is your aerial positioned incorrectly?
Storms and construction projects can cause your TV aerial to point in the wrong direction. Check to determine if your aerial is pointed in the same direction as others on your block. If it isn’t, it’s time to contact a television aerial repair service. We don’t advise relocating the aerial yourself because operating at height poses a significant risk.
Your TV aerial may be faulty
Your problems could also be the result of a faulty TV aerial. TV aerials can be damaged by flying debris and birds. It’s also possible that it’s simply worn out over time. If your TV aerial is more than ten years old and you no longer receive a clear signal, it may be time to consider a new TV aerial installation or a Freesat satellite upgrade.


Paddington is a district in West London made up of 7 major towns; Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale and Southall. As you head away from Paddington station the area becomes more gentrified. In some areas there is a real village feel with cobbled streets and mews. Paddington has a nice collection of local English pubs where you can enjoy a drink and some food whilst you relax at lunchtime or in the evening.