Choice – the must-have television accessoryThere is a generation of younger people who cannot remember when there were just four television channels to choose from.

Back in the day, the dawn of Channel 5 was a huge event.

Today there are so many channels that the majority of people would not be able to name them all – or get anywhere near.

But choice is what the consumer demands as home entertainment reaches ever higher levels of quality, with a huge variety of sports and movie packages on offer, along with television shows made to cinematic standards.

There is something for everyone – all the time: Rolling 24-hour news, back-to-back children’s favourites, arts documentaries and golden oldies on repeat.

To keep up with conversation you’ve got to be on the ball. The best way to make the most of television’s dizzying array of choice is to sit down and take a look at what you watch, what you’d like to watch and, most importantly, what you can afford.


A great place to start is with Freeview. Subscription-free, it boasts some of the best content courtesy of the so-called ‘terrestrial channels’. Connected to Freeview you can enjoy BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – along with their offshoots, including the excellent Film 4. The only equipment you will need is a digital aerial and a TV – many of which come complete with Freeview.


Sky is a long-term big-hitter and is home to some of the most talked about shows of recent years, such as Game of Thrones.  It also allows movie buffs to watch the latest releases and sports fans to follow top level action, including an impressive number of premiership matches. To watch Sky you will need to have a box and dish installed as well as pay a monthly fee.

While there are other satellite service providers, Sky stands apart with its own high calibre choice of channels.

Online providers

Then there are online portals, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. First an on-demand service for films and TV shows the channels have now branched out into creating their own content. Netflix, in particular, has seen great success with programs including House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black. Subscription is needed but some televisions come with access to the app.

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