Are you a Baby Boomer who remembers the original Sony Trinitron TV? Or was the 90s wide screen TV, complete with extra large depth more your era?

tv wall mounting
Whatever distant memory the first household TV holds for you, the size and shape will have been somewhat different to the modern screen of today.

Bringing home cinema alive

With the development of technology, families can increasingly enjoy the cinematic experience in their own front room with exhilarating picture quality and high definition clarity. Add to the mix high-octane surround sound and a bucket of popcorn and it’s hello comfy couch, goodbye stadium seating.

Watching your favourite movie or television serial is so much more than just family time, a gathering of friends, or a chance to relax on your own. Flicking on a rerun or binge-watching a box set is an experience. It’s an experience that can increase your heart rate as the euphoria of an action movie unfolds, or unleash the tears as a heartfelt tragedy is realised.

What’s important – the size of your TV or the viewing area?

Television screens have increased in size and even changed shape from the must-have flat screen to the highly desirable curved display. But advanced technology and the latest trends also carry a hefty price tag. Once considered a large TV, 42 inch screens are being replaced with 60 and 70 inch displays quicker than you can change the channel, right up to 100+ inches in an attempt to emulate the Vue or Cineworld experience.

Large screens are also important for gaming enthusiasts as highly detailed landscapes and life-like characters are a must for perfecting the virtual reality experience.

But have you considered the alternative to the colossal TV screen?

The alternative is a projector and screen and, whilst there may be some loss of definition and intensity, one of the main benefits is flexibility.

Projectors are favourable when it comes to price point but also unobtrusive when not in use. Projectors are fairly small and screens can roll up and away. This fact may be advantageous if you have a TV buff and a bookworm in the home. Think of it as a compromise!

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Position is all part of the experience

The size of your TV is nothing if you don’t achieve the right balance in room aesthetics. The finest TV screen in the world will still provide a poor experience if it is skewhiff. Be sure to measure the centre point of the room, or position symmetry seating for everyone to enjoy the experience from an excellent viewpoint. The ideal would be a straight, head-on view.

Another important aspect to consider is the optimal viewing distance. This can vary greatly when it comes to screen size.Have a read of the Which? TV distance and TV size guide here.

People often scrimp on the finer details and finishing touches but these details are all part of fashioning the ultimate ambiance. You won’t find trailing wires, irregular lighting or smudged screens at the movie theatre now would you?

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