Watching TV is one of the most relaxing activities that we do and whenever we want to chill out, it’ s usually in front of our favourite programmes on the box. However, this relaxing experience can be ruined If you have a poor TV signal. As a matter of fact, if you have a TV that loses signal on a regular basis or has low-quality picture, you will get irritated and even more stressed! The good news is that there is a solution. Let’s take a quick look how you can improve a poor TV signal.


To start with, you can invest in upgrading and updating the aerial. The vast majority of people think that purchasing a product that is labelled as aerial will spare them from any inconvenience, but that’s not correct. TV signals are separated into two main frequency types: UHF and VHF. The majority of problems related to poor signal is related to the broadcast location and frequency (in)compatibility. An aerial upgrade should be able to solve this issue.

Another good option is to use a pre-amplifier. If you are redirecting the signal from the antenna to more than one TV and the signal worsens, you should use a pre-amplifier to enhance the signal.
The next advice is fairly simple – you should test the wiring. This is a very frequent problem in British homes. People have loose cables or outdated cables and as a result of that, the signal is poor. A simple test of the wiring should indicate whether you need to change the cables or not. If you live in a new home, test the socket faceplate.

There are also signal boosters available on the market. They are helpful in areas where the TV reception is poor in general.

Finally, if everything else fails, you should consider bringing in a professional aerial company such as Aerial Services. We can complete a thorough diagnostics test to identify why the signal is so poor and advise you on the best course of action to take. Contact us now if you need our help.