Digital TV has been a major leap forward in quality and clarity since the old analogue days but if your signal isn’t up to scratch then it can still lead to poor picture and sound quality, with your audio and video cutting in and out, causing you lots of frustration.


If you’re suffering from a poor digital TV signal then you need to find a way of boosting the incoming signal to improve matters. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

If you’re using an indoor aerial, move it to a different height or location. You’ll be surprised how just a small movement can make a big difference. This can be quite painstaking and there’s a lot of trial and error involved. It’s best to move it slightly then be patient and wait a few minutes to see if the reception improves. Hopefully, after a bit of manoeuvring, you will find the best spot for it.

If you’re using an outdoor aerial then try to re-aim it. Usually outdoor aerials will receive better signals than indoor ones. Once again, you have to be patient and keep watching the signal strength meter on the digital to analogue converter box or TV as you move the aerial into different positions. You want to get the highest reading you possibly can and this, in turn, will boost your digital TV signal.

Another option is to purchase a signal amplifier or booster and install this between the aerial and receiver to see if this increases the signal strength.

Trying to get the best digital TV signal possible can be a frustrating process not to mention dangerous, especially if you’re working at height. In the event of a problem we would always recommend calling in a professional aerial services company that have the training, experience and insurance to deal with these matters. The job will be done quicker and safer. For any advice about digital TV aerials and how you can improve reception, please contact us now.