No matter what kind of equipment or device you are installing in your home or office, you should always look for a professional installation company. The situation is no different when it comes to aerial installation companies. If you want everything to go smoothly, you will need to acquire the help of a qualified, licensed, skilled and experienced company.


However, we live in an age where many people are trying to make a fast profit by providing low-quality services or by scamming people. These so-called cowboy installers have developed schemes to trick or attract potential customers. They often offer completely unnecessary upgrades or ask for extremely high fees. Since many of them have mastered these con tricks, it can be very hard, especially for inexperienced users, to recognize such scams and unprofessional services.

That’s why we have decided to point out some things that can help you spot a cowboy aerial installer.

To start with, if someone calls you on the phone offering such service, you should ask them about their ID and registration. This ID number will show whether they are registered or not. In order to be part of this business you must be approved and checked for insurance and qualifications.

Furthermore, even if they tell you their number, but don’t show their identification when they actually come to your place, you should be very careful with these contractors. It would be wise to ask them to show their ID before signing a contract.

Another way to recognize a reliable aerial installer is to find one with a digital tick logo. If there are no installers like this in your area, look for one that is a member of trade bodies such as IDSC and CAI.

In the absence of a firm recommendation, it is usually best to make a list of at least three qualified installers before making your final decision. And before they begin the job, make sure that the price is set, that there are no hidden fees and that they have provided a time frame for completion.

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