January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a brilliant and enthralling showcase of what the world can expect from home technology in the coming years – including television.

Technology keeps on pushing boundaries that not so long ago would have been unimaginable. Television viewers already have endless choice of viewing at the touch of a button – and at an affordable rate. So what lies ahead for the world of television?

Pushing boundaries

The stand out developments for television from the CES show have been a television that rolls up from LG and ‘The Wall’ – a huge, high quality modular set from Samsung that measures a whopping 12 feet across. Not only is The Wall huge, it uses MicroLEDs to deliver high quality. While these boundary-pushing creations are perhaps some distance away from the homes of most people, the high quality experience is not.

Ever since high definition television was developed, researchers have worked to keep improving the viewer’s experience by fine-tuning the screen experience. Technology has focused heavily on bringing the very best picture to our televisions. Ultra High Definition (UHD) television remains the most immediately accessible step up for most consumers with 4k TV sets being readily available and accounting for half of the market according to reports.

But technology doesn’t stand still long and there are 8k television sets, which boast 7,680 pixels, being showcased at CES. Not content with being UHD, these television sets improve harness the power of HDR to bring even better quality. While more pixels increase the resolution, HDR technology improves the quality of those pixels to bring better lighting, colour and contrast.

This all comes at a price of course, and for the time being cutting edge technology will have a limited market – then of course there is limited television that is actually made to that standard. The good news is that quality certainly counts when it comes to the future of television.

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