The quality of your HDTV signal will be highly dependent on the positioning of your aerial and every home is a bit different in this respect. For your home the best position might be the roof, your loft, on top of your garage and any number of other places. This is when it pays to engage the services of an experienced aerial installer who has an instinct about these things!

HD TV Aerial
One of the most important factors for positioning your HDTV aerial is height. Generally, the higher you can go, the better your TV reception will be. For outdoor aerials this will mean testing out spots on your roof or garage and for indoor aerials it often means positioning the aerial appropriately in the loft.

The direction of your aerial is also important. If you know where the broadcast towers are in your area then it makes sense to direct your aerial towards their location. Doing this will enable you to get a stronger reception.

Obstructions between your aerial and the broadcast tower can also be problematical sometimes. Large trees and big buildings can both affect your TV signal and picture quality so the more you can do to position and direct your aerial to avoid these obstructions then the better the signal you will get.

How to speed up the process

If you are trying to erect an aerial yourself a lot of this can be trial and error, very time consuming and not to mention dangerous, especially if you are trying to erect an aerial on the roof. At Aerial Services we have many years experience in installing HDTV aerials and we can make the whole process a lot quicker and easier for you.

To find out more about HDTV aerials and to book an installation then please contact us now.