Commercial television aerials are needed in a wide range of businesses and many of these can often present their own unique challenges.

commercial television aerials

Whatever your business, if you think it would benefit from the introduction of television screens don’t be put off by the logistics of getting television aerials put in place. 


Television can be a real asset to businesses, whether as an information source at a visitor centre, entertaining customers waiting for an appointment or being a major part of the experience such as at hotels or pubs. 

Specialist television aerial installation

To operate efficiently television screens need to be fitted and set up correctly, which is why it is so important to call in specialist help.  

While making sure thatcommercial television aerials are correctly installed, a professional television aerial and installation team will take care to make sure that all the relevant wiring is in place and that any screens are securely fixed in place.

In a setting used by members of the public the importance of getting these steps right cannot be underestimated.

Installing television screens can enhance the following settings: 

  • Pubs 
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Visitor attractions
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Offices
  • Transport centres
  • Sports venues

In a busy commercial environment making changes without causing disruption may cause difficulty, however, a specialist firm such as Aerial Services is used to installing television aerials with minimal disruption. 

Bringing flexibility and more than 50 years of experience to all aspects of television aerial installation, Aerial Servicesis adept at working in a wide variety of commercial situations. 

Commercial television aerials

Whether it is avoiding disrupting commuters at a busy railway station or setting up strategic satellite receivers in London ahead of a major event, Aerial Services can be trusted to get the job done quickly, efficiently and discreetly.

With the availability of working in the evening and at weekends, Aerial Services can work around busy times at your commercial premises when fitting television aerials. 

If you are concerned about suffering any setbacks through unforeseen technical issues, Aerial Services also offers an emergency response to make sure that your customers stay in the picture.

If you are interested in adding television screens to your commercial premises, or wish to upgrade your television aerials, Aerial Services offers a comprehensive service.

Contact the team today to find out how we can help you enhance your business or organisation with the installation of television aerials.