Problems with radio reception are all too common and can be incredibly frustrating.

radio receptionThat familiar buzzing, different shows fading in and out, loss of signal and channels being unavailable can interrupt your listening pleasure in the car and at home.

The good news, however, is that there are steps you can take to boost your reception at home.

The introduction of DAB radio was intended to improve both reception and choice, with more channels being available.

And while choice certainly has improved, decent reception can be a problem for some, which is largely down to the distance from the nearest transmitter.

Rather than the hiss of FM channels suffering poor reception, DAB radios make a sort of digital bubbling noise when the signal is inadequate. There can also be difficulty picking up certain stations.

Improving radio reception

Despite the improved choice of radio stations on DAB, many listeners have stayed with FM, or bought radios that support both formats. This is largely down to the reliability of the signal.

DAB reception has still not improved widely enough for the planned digital switchover in the UK to take place, or even be scheduled.

While listeners using dual function radios can enjoy the best of both worlds it does mean that the quality of reception can still be an issue.

The very simplest steps to improve radio reception include:

  • Retuning the stations
  • Moving the radio to a different room
  • Fully extending the integrated aerial
  • Redirecting the aerial

A more permanent solution though is to have a radio aerial installed. Both FM and DAB aerials can be fitted to properties wanting to boost their radio reception, and can often be added to the TV aerial.

Aerial Services can offer expert advice on how to improve your radio reception and can fit both FM and DAB aerials – to find out more get in touch.