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If the wind is howling a gale outside or there’s heavy snow and your TV reception is playing up then there’s a good chance that the two are connected. Bad weather such as gale-force winds, heavy snow and even heavy rain can sometimes disrupt your TV aerial services when they are being delivered through satellite.

In extreme weather conditions, the elements can actually physically damage your satellite dish and it can certainly disrupt your satellite signal. Heavy snow conditions can also cause large build-ups of snow on your dish which can result in the satellite dish becoming misaligned and you losing your signal altogether.

bad wealther aerial services

How bad weather can affect TV reception

In bad weather conditions you may lose some but not all your TV channels and distortion in sound and picture is also possible. Extreme weather causes the satellite signal to weaken because the rain or snow diffuses transmission power and absorbs energy from the satellite signal which, in turn, has a detrimental affect on the quality of the service and impacts on your TV reception.

However, none of this should put you off purchasing and enjoying satellite services. Extreme weather conditions of the kind that can disrupt your TV viewing are pretty rare and if the worse does happen then the team at Aerial Services are here to help.

If you think that bad weather has affected your TV reception then we can send one of our team to see if your dish has become misaligned and we will also do a diagnostic test to see if any other problems have occurred.

For any problems with your TV reception then please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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If you’re having problems with your Freeview reception then there could be a number of reasons for this.

Typically reception problems can be caused by:

A fault with the aerial such as an obstruction or incorrect alignment

Corrosion of the aerial due to exposure to the elements

Faults with cabling, such as loose connections

Transmitter faults and planned maintenance – you should check this out first before contacting an aerial specialist. For example, if your neighbors are having similar problems, then there’s a good chance that a transmitter fault is to blame.

Before bringing in an aerial specialist, it’s always worth returning your digital box first if it’s not working properly. This can sometimes solve the problem.

It’s also worth checking out your cabling. If it’s become worn or looks damaged, then there’s a good chance that it’s the source of the problem.

If all else fails, then your aerial is likely to be the root cause. If you contact Aerial Services, we will send one of our highly experienced engineers to check out the problem for you. Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment they will be able to test the problem and identify where the issue is originating from. They will then either repair the problem or arrange a new aerial installation for you that will give you crystal clear reception.
We have significant experience in troubleshooting Freeview reception and Freeview Aerial Installation problems so contact us now to arrange a callout.

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If you are looking for top quality TV aerials or digital TV service at a great price, then Aerial Services can help. We carry out TV aerial installations and satellite installation, TV wall mounting and provide Sky installation services for prices which are affordable and won’t make a huge dent in your finances!


If you are currently experiencing problems with your aerial or are looking to upgrade to a new aerial then we can help. We can send one of our highly experienced engineers to your home or business and they will carry out tests on your existing aerial to see what the problem is. If the aerial can be fixed then we will repair it for you. We will never replace an aerial unnecessarily. Over the years we have built a strong reputation for the honesty and reliability of our services and we don’t want to jeopardise that.

Simple Aerial Checks that You can Do Yourself

If your aerial is not working properly then there are some simple checks you can do yourself. You will be surprised how often a solution is very simple and there’s no need to call an aerial company at all. Firstly, check the aerial connection to your TV and make sure it is securely connected to the right port. Secondly, make sure that the aerial cable is still attached to the TV aerial antenna – sometimes they can get dislodged, and finally check for any damage to the aerial itself or see if any of the cables have become loose. If everything is as it should be and you’re still not getting a good picture then it’s time to call us in and we will check it out for you. We want you to avoid costly digital TV aerial services and call outs so it’s always worth doing these checks first

Satellite Installation Experts

If you want to enjoy hundreds of different digital TV channels from the UK and overseas, then we can help. We are Freeview, Freesat, Sky and satellite installation experts so we can bring the very best in the world’s television to your home or business.

We will give you unbiased advice on the right system for you and our prices are always competitive. Contact us now for more advice about our broad range of services.

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Aerial Services provide a wide range of digital TV aerial installation services across the Croydon area. If you want to hire a professional aerial installer in Croydon here are some of the services that we can offer:


Digital TV Aerials – we can help you if you are experiencing a poor TV signal or if your current TV aerial is not delivering good quality TV reception. We will send one of our local area fitters in Croydon to visit you and diagnose the problem. They will test your TV aerial signal using the latest testing equipment and they will identify the problem quickly and offer a solution.

Freeview Aerials – we are specialists in Freeview aerial installations throughout Croydon and the surrounding area. If your aerial is quite old and not giving you quality Freeview reception then you may need to have a new digital aerial installed. Aerial Services can provide you with top quality Freeview aerials to ensure that you can receive the best Freeview reception.

Sky Installation – Aerial Services can arrange for your satellite dish installation and Sky receiver so that you can start to receive the wide range of channels that Sky has to offer. We have many years experience in Sky installations and have helped numerous customers in Croydon with their Sky installation requirements. With so many channels to choose from such as Movies, Sports, Entertainment, Arts, Factual etc Sky is very popular and we are here to help with all your Sky installation needs.

Multi room TV service – Aerial Services can help you enjoy Sky TV and other digital TV channels throughout your home. We provide a multi room TV service which enables you to watch TV in any room you want and the ability to watch different programmes in different rooms. We can make all the necessary arrangements for you

Digital Aerial & Satellite Dish Repairs – As well as providing TV aerials in Croydon we also offer an extensive satellite dish and aerial repair service. We can repair your broken and damaged dishes and diagnose any TV aerial problems that you may be experiencing.

Croydon is a large town in South London with a population of just over 52,000 in the local area. There is a high demand for Digital TV aerial installation in Croydon and we have many years experience in providing the residents and business owners of Croydon with high quality aerial installation services.

If you are look for aerials in Croydon and want to hire a professional installer then please contact us now.

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We spend quite a lot of our leisure time watching television, listening to music, playing video games etc and we also spend quite a lot of money on our TV and audio equipment so that we can receive the best viewing and listening experience. What we don’t think about so much is the quality of our TV aerial and whether it’s up to the job!

antennainstallation jpg

It can be a false economy investing hundreds of pounds into your equipment if you don’t have a quality TV aerial in place. Your picture and sound quality will be affected by the quality of your aerial so it makes sense to have your existing aerial looked at if it’s not performing the way you want it to.

Replacement digital aerials

Ever since the digital switchover many people have just put up with the quality because it seemed a lot of expense and hassle to get a new aerial installed. This really isn’t the case. If you’re experiencing poor picture quality, crackling, interference etc there’s a good chance that your current aerial is letting you down. We can replace your aerial for you at a highly competitive price and we can arrange for an installation without any hassle.

Many of the aerials that we replace were originally designed for analogue TV and now that everything is digital, these aerials are struggling to cope and are not delivering top quality reception.

Having a replacement digital aerials, positioned appropriately and installed correctly will do wonders for your picture and sound quality.

Top quality digital TV aerial installation

If you’re not happy with your current TV reception then we can arrange for a free diagnostic test to see where the problems lie. We might be able to repair your existing aerial or install a brand new one for you. We can take you through the various options that are available to you when you call us.

There are many things that can affect your picture and sound quality. The area you live, the positioning of your aerial, the aerial connection to your TV and the quality of your TV are all contributing factors and we are here to advise you on the best steps to take so that you can enjoy the perfect viewing and listening experience.

For top quality digital TV aerial installation please contact us now.

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Before having a digital aerial installed it’s always worth doing a bit of homework first before deciding on who to hire for the installation and what type of aerial to get. Here are a few facts you should know about digital aerial installation before you go ahead:


There’s no such thing as a digital TV aerial – This may surprise you! Aerials have developed significantly over time and a modern aerial which is designed to receive signals more effectively is referred to in the industry as ‘digital’. True, they do look different from older aerials but to call them ‘digital’ is not strictly true. They are just modern aerials which receive signals more efficiently.

Do you definitely need a new aerial?- Not necessarily. You may need your existing aerial repaired or upgraded, it really depends on the kind of signal you are receiving and where you’re living will have a bearing as well. If you keep experiencing a break up in your signal or you get a lot of pixilation then there’s a chance that you have some problems with the components in your aerial system or the aerial is not a suitable size to get the best signal strength. Our engineers will do a diagnostic test in these situations to see what the issue is.

Do you need more than 1 aerial if you have several TVs? – This is a question we often get asked. The fact is you only need one aerial to operate multiple TVs. All you need is a multipoint digital media system or have TV and satellite points in each room that you have a TV in. We can advise you on the best solution to suit your needs.

Will you automatically get HD channels if you have a digital aerial installed? – No. The only way you will get HD is if you have a HD ready TV or a HD receiver box attached to your TV. Most TVs that you buy today are HD ready and the move towards Smart TVs with internet functionality and 3DTV as well means that most people are now enjoying HD. A digital aerial helps to enhance the overall viewing experience so that you can enjoy HD at its best.

The above are just some examples of the questions we get asked about aerial installation. If you’re experiencing problems with your TV picture and you’re looking for some friendly and honest advice about whether you need a new aerial or not then please give us a call. We will send one of our highly experienced engineers to your property and they will conduct a diagnostic test to see what the problem is and provide you with a solution that gives you what you need at a price you can afford.

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Since TV went digital many people have had to get new aerials installed so that they can enjoy everything that digital TV has to offer such as additional channels, great picture and sound quality etc. If you need a new satellite aerial installing there are a few things that you need to be aware of before you go ahead. For example, if you live in a registered or listing building or even a conservation area there may well be special restrictions that apply before you can get an aerial or satellite dish erected.

If you are unsure then the best thing to do is check with your local planning authority to see if there are any restrictions. In the vast majority of cases a satellite dish can be installed without the need for planning permission but if you live in a listed or registered building you will need building consent so make sure that you check before you do anything.

Even if you don’t need permission you should take care that the aerial or satellite dish that you are erecting doesn’t significantly affect the appearance of your building. If it does then you run the risk of the planning authority asking you to move it at your own expense.

Another thing to remember is if you live in a flat or rent your property then you may well have to get permission from your landlord or property manager before going ahead. For blocks of flats it usually makes sense to have a communal or shared aerial so that everybody can get access to digital TV.

Satellite Aerials Advice

The maximum number of aerials or satellite dishes that a building can have is 4. If your building is less than 15 metres high then this is reduced to 2. Anything over and above this will require planning permission.

Something that you may not be aware of is that your satellite dish doesn’t actually have to be attached to your house. As long as it is concealed in your garden or attached to a tree or garden shed then that’s fine.

If you are unsure about your situation and need some advice about satellite aerial and dish installation then please give us a call. We will be glad to help.

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With 46 years’ experience within the satellite fitting, repair and maintenance industry, Aerial Services has an enviable reputation throughout the London area. As the capital’s leading Satellite Fitter, we pride ourselves on our wide range of quality services for both domestic and commercial customers.

If you are currently experiencing poor reception and fuzzy picture quality, our qualified team of satellite fitting engineers can assist with expert advice. All our engineers are kept up to date with the latest satellite technologies, and each professional puts this knowledge into practice as a Satellite Fitter at your home or business premises.

Making your TV and digital radio experience more enjoyable couldn’t be easier thanks to Satellite Fitter Aerial Services. With our expertise in installation and maintenance, no job is too big or too small for our friendly and professional team. We also complete specialist height and non-standard installations in London and Brighton.

As well as delivering excellence as a Satellite Fitter at your residential or corporate property, we are also proficient in fitting extra satellite points. The installation of extra satellite points allows you to watch TV from anywhere within your home, and gives the whole family the opportunity and space to enjoy their own favourite shows.

We know just how turbulent the great British weather can be, and each year we cater to a number of customers looking to repair their satellites following storm damage. Our storm damage service ensures your TV reception, picture quality and sound quality remains above standard all year round, come rain or shine.

Our team provide a range of high quality satellite dishes for each installation, and work closely with each client to ensure we source the right product to suit your requirements. From the 43cm dishes suitable for Sky and Freesat HD boxes to larger dishes measuring up to 1.1m, our team’s extensive product knowledge ensures you get the right equipment to complement your TV experience.

The qualified engineers at Aerial Services have experience working with a number of property types, from commercial premises like office buildings, hotels and restaurants to terrace houses and communal dwellings. As a trusted Satellite Fitter, we have gained an enviable reputation throughout our industry and are now the first port of call for many domestic and commercial customers.

Make Aerial Services your Satellite Fitter by calling us today on 020 7582 8888 for expert advice and free quotation.

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Are you looking to install a new TV aerial point in your residential or commercial property? As the UK’s leading provider of TV Point Installation, the professionals here at Aerial Services provide an affordable service to assist you with all your installation and repair needs.

Extra TV points have become a necessity in many modern homes and having several TVs in one property has become a common occurrence. Installing extra TV points doesn’t have to be a hassle, the Aerial Services team can promptly carry our TV Point Installation in any location within your home or business property.

Extra TV points ensure you can watch television from anywhere in your home, and using a range of specialist hidden cable techniques we can complete installation without any unsightly wires on show.

In addition to installing additional TV points, we can also assist with checking the signal and overall condition of existing TV points throughout your property to ensure you are receiving the best service for your area. Utilising the latest testing equipment, we can complete a full assessment on your TV system and diagnose any issues that may be interfering with your reception or picture quality.

Unsure whether you need TV Point Installation or assessment? Properties that experience poor TV reception, distorted sound and low picture quality whilst watching television may benefit from our range of high quality aerial services. Don’t take the risk with ‘do it yourself’ aerial mast maintenance, instead call one of Aerial Services’ qualified engineers to help you enhance your TV experience.

The cost of TV Point Installation varies from property to property, however, here at Aerial Services, we pride ourselves on providing highly competitive quotes for both domestic and commercial projects. We also offer free advice and callouts to ensure our engineers have all the information they need to provide a realistic estimate for installation, maintenance and remedial work.

Established in 1968, Aerial Services caters to customers throughout the London area to deliver a quick and efficient TV Point Installation service. In fact, in the majority of circumstances, our team of highly skilled engineers can complete the work on the same day as quotation. All our work comes with a one year guarantee, offering ultimate peace of mind for all customers.

For a high quality service and expert knowledge, contact Aerial Services today! Call us now on 020 7582 8888 for more information on TV Point Installation.