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Love Island was certainly popular but for some families these all-consuming shows can be a real bone of contention when the love isn’t shared.

Whether it is keeping up to date with the latest soap opera, a fascination with crime dramas, watching any and every sport there is or obsessing over 24 news, television tastes can be very divisive.

Television plays a huge part in family life. The kids want to keep up to date with what their friends are watching, we want to chill out and put our feet up after a long day at work – but really want we want to be able to do is relax and enjoy time together as a family, not spend time rowing over who has the remote control.

Who is in control?

While family film nights snuggled up on the sofa together are one of life’s simple pleasures, this is more of an occasion. The day-to-day all too often sees a survival of the fittest mentality when it comes to TV viewing (or more specifically whoever gets there first and hangs onto the remote control).

If you are sick of solving squabbles, or the screen being dominated by shows that you just don’t enjoy, it is time to consider adding extra TV points to your home.  Even if you just add one more TV set that could theoretically halve the broadcasting battles.

Just because there was a TV point in the lounge when you moved in doesn’t mean television points cannot be added to other rooms – and with options such as Sky multi-room no-one needs to miss out.

Choose extra TV points for the easy life

In fact adding a television point to another room is surprisingly simple – usually this can be done just by adding a splitter to your existing aerial and running the cable to the room where the new television set will be.

This will allow two (or more rooms) to access Freeview without any hassle – and you can say goodbye to those battles for the remote control (well hopefully!).

An engineer from Aerial Services will be able to test the strength of your signal and install the splitting unit for you. With the new found freedom of TV choice you will wonder why you waited so long.

To find out more about adding additional rooms to your Sky package get in touch.

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There are few things more frustrating than sitting down to watch the TV show or football match you’ve been looking forward to all day than to be met by a frozen screen.

With the television set being a big part of family life, there are few people who haven’t experienced a loss of sound, fuzzy pictures, an over-powering buzzing sound and a frozen screen.

But what do you do when pushing the scart cable back in and switching the TV off and on again doesn’t fix it?

Well if the match has kicked off now is the time to panic as there is a very strong chance that there is something wrong with the aerial that only professional help will be able to remedy.

Has your aerial moved out of place?

Due to being erected on the sides and roofs of houses, aerials are at the mercy of the elements – as well as being prone to standard wear and tear.

As such when the picture starts to deteriorate it could be any number of issues with the aerial.

Freeview aerials, Sky and Freesat dishes could all be affected by becoming dislodged or moved out of place, affecting the signal that is received.

A call to Aerial Services will have a problem such as this fixed in no time.

A poor picture could also indicate deeper problems with your home entertainment set up though, not least damaged cabling or sockets, which could have become water damaged or just have deteriorated over time. These will obviously need replacing as soon as possible to put you back in the picture.

Think outside the box              

When having problems with the picture onscreen don’t make the mistake of instantly deciding it is an issue with the television – that could prove to be a very costly mistake indeed.

Aerial Services will be able to promptly identity – and resolve – any problems that are related to your aerial, putting you back in the picture in no time.

If you think you aerial may be affecting the quality of your television picture contact Aerial Services.

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July marks the return of one of the biggest television sports spectaculars as the stars step out on Centre Court for Wimbledon fortnight.

One of the best things about Wimbledon – and no doubt a part of its mass appeal and enduring popularity – is that watching the world-famous tennis tournament on television is essentially free.

Access to such major sports events at no additional cost is a ringing endorsement of Freeview and the choice and quality it brings – just for the cost of a TV licence and Freeview box (if it is not already built into your television).

In a world where digital television and online streaming services spawn on trend shows and cult hits that can only be accessed by those with a subscription it is a fantastic and timely reminder of the wealth of entertainment that can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone – which is a great conversation starter for one thing!

It’s not just sport, Freeview delivers on drama too

But it’s not just sporting events that bring home the quality of subscription-free TV though, some of the best television dramas are made and broadcast on BBC channels and ITV.

Right now the return of Poldark on BBC1 is grabbing headlines and creating the sort of universal buzz that is often missing from television drama as a result of choice watering down the impact of mass appeal.

Now on series 4, Poldark has captivated viewers and shows no sign of waning, with audiences waiting for the weekly episode in unison rather than binge-watching with no social commentary.

But then the BBC has a fine pedigree in delivering world class drama that everyone can enjoy – Sherlock and Luther are two standout examples of recent years.

It’s not only the BBC though that delivers evergreen programmes that reach out to a wide audience at no monthly cost. ITV also brings brilliant drama and reality TV entertainment to Freeview that unites audiences and creates a genuine talking point.

TV entertainment for everyone

After all it was ITV that brought us Downton Abbey – perhaps the biggest television show of recent years. Then of course there are the likes of Dancing on Ice and Britain’s Got Talent – shows that become news items in their own right.

So when you settle down on the sofa to watch the latest match on Centre Court, take a minute to think just what a great service – and a great deal – Freeview is.

If you are interested in installing Freeview or want to upgrade your aerial get in touch with Aerial Services.

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With the cheers, celebrations and heartbreak of the football season behind us you might be wondering what to do with your time – but don’t worry there are plenty of sporting spectacles set to grace our television screens over the next couple of months.

There is the World Cup of course, but for those wanting a bit of variety in their sports viewing there are many more options heading to our television sets.

Most notably Wimbledon fortnight is just around the corner. The annual outing to the All England Tennis club always makes for great viewing with end-to-end action from tennis superstars, wild card upsets and obligatory celeb-spotting in the crowds.

This year’s Wimbledon gets underway on Monday, July 2 and finishes on Sunday, July 15 when the Men’s Singles final is played.

As usual the BBC will show extensive coverage of Wimbledon across the fortnight. And no doubt we’ll be showing our support by reaching for the strawberries and Pimms.

When to watch the British Grand Prix on TV

Another highlight of the annual sports calendar that is always worth catching on TV is the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. This year’s Formula 1 race at the famous circuit will be on July 8 and will be broadcast live on Sky Sports and Channel 4.

Cycling continues to capture the public’s attention and is enjoying a continued surge in popularity.

The highlight of the cycling calendar, the Tour De France will get underway on July 7, running until July 29. Enjoy the fantastic scenery, strategic cycling and moments of high drama as these hardy athletes are seen traversing across France on Eurosports and ITV.

Make sure you have access to the right TV channels

With cricket, hockey, rugby and golf also planned in across the Sky and Freeview channels there will be no shortage of options on the television for fans of sport this summer ahead of the return of Premier League football in August.

To make the most of the major sporting occasions ensure your television and aerial area in good working order so that they won’t let you down on the big day – and that you have access to the right TV channels.

For advice on installing Freeview or Sky television get in touch with the Aerial Services team today to talk about your options.

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It only comes around every four years (or longer if we count the misfortune of 1994) so it is never too early to get plans in place to catch all the big games of the 2018 World Cup on TV.

Surely this is the one time it is ok to schedule family events, outings and work courses around the TV schedule?

So, when will England’s 2018 World Cup matches be shown on the TV – and what channel will they be on?

England’s 2018 World Cup group matches: TV times

The BBC and ITV will both be showing matches from the 2018 World Cup and sharing the spoils of the hotly anticipated England matches.

First up for the Three Lions will be Tunisia on Monday, June 18 with a 7pm kick-off scheduled. This match will be shown on the BBC.

England’s next rivals will be Panama on Sunday, June 24, which is down for a 1pm kick-off and is again being shown on the BBC.

ITV have the tastiest offering of England’s group stage though, showing the Three Lions take on Belgium at 7pm on Thursday, June 28. Tipped as a group decider, this promises to be a thrilling encounter with some of the premiership’s biggest names going head to head.

Plans from here on in will require fans to hedge their bets as to how the group stage pans out.

Depending on positions, the next match could be Monday, July 2 or Tuesday July 3. The quarter-finals take place on Saturday, July 6 and Sunday July, 7, with the semi-finals being held on Tuesday, July 10 and Wednesday, July 11. The third place play-off takes place on Saturday, July 13 ahead of the final on Sunday, July 15.

Make sure you’ve got the right kit

One thing is for sure, when watching the big match on TV quality really does come into its own. Top quality HD is great for live sporting events, and if your TV is due for a replacement the time to act could be now.

Don’t miss out on this highlight of the TV calendar, make sure your television set is up to scratch and you have the plans in place to enjoy England’s matches in the comfort of your own home.

For advice on installing a television or new aerial contact aerial services today.

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Today in London there are some major technical changes and engineering works being carried out at the Crystal Palace TV transmitter. The reason for this is that the government and Ofcom are trying to clear a gap in the TV spectrum around the 700 MHZ mark to enable space for phone companies to launch their new 5G mobile broadband services in 2020.

In order to create this gap they will be shifting the frequencies of certain channels to new positions  which means your TV may “lose” them on the program guide. So if you use Freeview or you watch via a Youview box you may need to retune in order to restore the lost channels.  In some cases your TV may do this automatically but if not you’ll need to retune. This is very easy to do and normally only takes a couple of minutes.

If you need any help with this please take a look at the Freeview retuning guide or you can call them on their helpline – 0808 100 0288;

Freeview Changes Click Here



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Awards season has been in full swing recently, highlighting the constant quality that we have come to expect from the entertainment industry.


While it may be a while before we get to see some of the celebrated films in our own living rooms there is a huge array of top quality movies ready to be watched.

With this year’s Oscars marking the 90th ceremony it is also a timely reminder of number of truly great films that are already out there.

Remembering classics

All too often once awards season is over and the spotlight moves onto the next round of movie contenders these fantastic films can slip from the public’s awareness.

Thanks to services such as Netflix, Sky Cinema and Amazon Prime it is now easier than ever to track down old gems and enjoy some award-winning entertainment.

Advances in technology have brought amazing home cinema systems to homes, which enjoy a fantastic sound and visual experience in the comfort of the own living room.

This makes enjoying great films in excellent quality available to all.

So why not look up a few favourites, turn the lights down and the sound up and revisit a few masterpieces of the past in your own home cinema.

Oscar winners on Netflix

  • La La Land
  • Spotlight
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • Schindler’s List
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Out of Africa
  • Howards End
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Oscar winners on Amazon Prime

  • Moonlight
  • Manchester by the Sea
  • The Hurt Locker
  • Apocalypse Now
  • The Deer Hunter
  • The pianist
  • No Country for Old Men

Of course through its diverse offering of channels Sky TV offers a host of different films day in day out, including many award winning classics.

As well as being a great place to watch more recent releases, Sky Store offers access to a number of Oscar winning films including 12 years a Slave, The King’s Speech, Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi.

For advice on installing a new television or accessing Sky contact Aerial Services today.

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The choice of television and film viewing has grown massively – in both format and choice – but what about that giant of the small screen: Sport?

To date the way in which the millions of sports fans keep up to date with matches and events has remained largely unchanged since Sky joined the arena.

Yet there are suggestions that changes could be on the way for sport, with newer platforms choosing to get in on the action.

Premier League TV rights

This February sees media companies bid for the rights to show Premier League football matches from 2019, and while it seems likely that BT and Sky will retain the key packages, there has been a lot of speculation that digital channels were considering upping their game.

Facebook, Amazon and YouTube have all been mentioned in news article pondering the future of sports broadcasting – with some already having made initial inroads. Amazon has bought rights to show the ATP world tour, while Facebook joined forces with FOX Sports to stream UEFA Champions League matches.

Broadcasting from a digital platform obviously makes sports accessible from wherever you are – although that is already an option with Sky Go.

The draw of live TV

However there is a unique character about televised sport that may hold the current format in place for longer and that is the live element.

Televised sport has a very short window, hence the enduring popularity of watching live matches. It’s actually hard work to avoid being told the result of a football match, particularly when 24-hour news and social media are taken into account. Unlike television dramas, sports matches do not lend themselves to being added to watch lists for the coming weeks.

There is also the joy of watching the end-to-end action of a football match unfold on the big screen – and the social aspect that brings added atmosphere.

While technology will no doubt have much to offer sports broadcasting in the future, the excitement of watching the match on the big screen should be here to stay.

To find out more about Sky TV contact Aerial Services.

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Today I’ll be installing a 65” LG OLED 4K Ultra HD TV on to a solid brick wall. The OLED (or Organic LED) range is very hot at the moment because it’s 4K so the contrast between different colour ranges and the motion tracking is unsurpassed. 4K or (Ultra HD as it’s also known) refers to the number of pixels used to create the image, generally speaking this is four times the amount used for a standard HD image.  It also uses HDR technology (High Dynamic Range) which gives the deepest darkest blacks and brightest whites going.

There are lots of very nice TVs on the market right now, the majority coming from Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic although Loewe and B&O have some really staunch supporters who literally won’t even look at anything else! The Samsung QLED uses Quantum Dot technology which shines LEDs on to a layer of Quantum Dot cells to produce really bright and vivid colours.

This particular TV currently sells at Currys or PC World for in the region of £2500.

Anyway here I am with the new TV still in it’s box, two and a half grand poorer, but I do seem to have light shining out of my head.

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January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a brilliant and enthralling showcase of what the world can expect from home technology in the coming years – including television.

Technology keeps on pushing boundaries that not so long ago would have been unimaginable. Television viewers already have endless choice of viewing at the touch of a button – and at an affordable rate. So what lies ahead for the world of television?

Pushing boundaries

The stand out developments for television from the CES show have been a television that rolls up from LG and ‘The Wall’ – a huge, high quality modular set from Samsung that measures a whopping 12 feet across. Not only is The Wall huge, it uses MicroLEDs to deliver high quality. While these boundary-pushing creations are perhaps some distance away from the homes of most people, the high quality experience is not.

Ever since high definition television was developed, researchers have worked to keep improving the viewer’s experience by fine-tuning the screen experience. Technology has focused heavily on bringing the very best picture to our televisions. Ultra High Definition (UHD) television remains the most immediately accessible step up for most consumers with 4k TV sets being readily available and accounting for half of the market according to reports.

But technology doesn’t stand still long and there are 8k television sets, which boast 7,680 pixels, being showcased at CES. Not content with being UHD, these television sets improve harness the power of HDR to bring even better quality. While more pixels increase the resolution, HDR technology improves the quality of those pixels to bring better lighting, colour and contrast.

This all comes at a price of course, and for the time being cutting edge technology will have a limited market – then of course there is limited television that is actually made to that standard. The good news is that quality certainly counts when it comes to the future of television.

For advice on installing a new television contact Aerial Services today.